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Gogs is a self-hosted Git service that is written in Go programming language. It allows users to host their own Git repositories on their own server rather than relying on third-party hosting platforms. With Gogs, you can create and manage repositories, track changes, collaborate with others, and perform version control tasks.

Being written in Go, Gogs is known for its lightweight nature and high performance. It is designed to be easy to install and use, with a user-friendly interface. Gogs supports all standard Git features such as branching, merging, and tagging, making it suitable for both individual developers and small teams.

As a self-hosted solution, Gogs gives users full control over their code repositories, offering better privacy and security compared to using external Git hosting services. It also provides features like issue tracking, pull requests, and a built-in wiki for documentation.

Overall, Gogs is a versatile and efficient choice for individuals and small teams looking to set up their own Git hosting service.

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4 companies are currently using Gogs



we are scripttic team!

21 Employees$17K - $26K$57K serbia66%Export
Dioptrax Pte Ltd

dioptrax = digitalization..

3 Employees$23K - $5K$75K singapore82%Export

end-to-end control on you..

3 Employees$42K - $45K$66K pakistan16%Export
Private Musikschule Erik ..

- Employees$41K - $8K$69K germany64%Export

Using Gogs for finding leads

The list of companies using Gogs provides a targeted and valuable resource for sales teams. This curated information can empower sales strategies by helping to identify potential leads that have already shown interest in similar technologies or services. As these companies are using Gogs, a self-hosted Git service written in Go, they may be open to other solutions that enhance or complement their existing infrastructure.

Businesses utilizing Gogs may well be predisposed towards solutions that prioritize self-hosting or providing increased control and customization. Understanding that preference can be invaluable in tailoring pitch and proposal, creating a quicker and more effective path to engaging with these potential leads.

The list offers a chance to perform competitive analysis, understanding precisely what features companies value from Gogs, which can, in turn, guide the development of products, services, or solutions that meet these specific needs. This strategic insight can be invaluable and can directly contribute to a more successful sales approach.

Moreover, since Gogs is written in Go, the companies on the list may have a certain technical skill set in place. Sales teams can use this information to recommend related services and tools within this technological niche.

In essence, this compiled list of companies using Gogs can be a roadmap for sales teams, illuminating potential leads and business opportunities. This knowledge, when used strategically, can significantly increase the prospecting success rate.

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