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PHPDebugBar is an open-source debugging and profiling toolbar for PHP web applications. It provides developers with a set of tools to help them understand how their application is behaving, and to quickly diagnose and fix issues.

The toolbar can be easily integrated into an existing PHP application using Composer, a dependency manager for PHP. Once installed, developers can use the toolbar to monitor various aspects of their application, such as database queries, HTTP requests, and memory usage.

PHPDebugBar also includes a profiler that can be used to identify performance bottlenecks in an application. The profiler collects data on the execution time of each function call and displays it in an easy-to-read format. This allows developers to quickly identify slow-running code and optimize it for better performance.

In addition to its debugging and profiling capabilities, PHPDebugBar also includes a number of other features, such as support for AJAX requests, customizable themes, and integration with popular PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony.

Overall, PHPDebugBar is a powerful tool for PHP developers who want to improve the quality and performance of their web applications. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it a valuable addition to any development workflow.

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924 companies are currently using PHPDebugBar


Steve Quick Jeweler

chicago's destination for..

15 Employees$29K - $29K$96K united states ..82%Export

Devoted to the research, ..

8 Employees$4K - $28K$94K greece73%Export
Tri-Lift, Inc.

our passion is to provide..

70 Employees$36K - $32K$97K united states ..75%Export

connecting talent globall..

91 Employees$48K - $43K$87K united arab em..98%Export

keep under control and su..

4 Employees$23K - $43K$53K italy19%Export
Colony Limousine, Enterpr..

Limousine, Transportation..

4 Employees$25K - $7K$51K united states ..69%Export
Konekti Systems LLC

securing cloud infrastruc..

4 Employees$37K - $34K$81K united states ..60%Export
Sound Xperience

sound systems-sound advic..

6 Employees$15K - $42K$57K united states ..17%Export
Millville Public Library

22 Employees$2K - $13K$53K united states ..56%Export

the gear company

25 Employees$28K - $27K$85K germany31%Export
Metis Real Estate Advisor..

13 Employees$44K - $18K$51K united kingdom..99%Export
Cobra Simulation Limited

immersive visualisation i..

5 Employees$29K - $45K$67K united kingdom..11%Export
Evans Construction & Civi..

20 Employees$49K - $23K$81K united kingdom..22%Export
FIE: Foundation for Inter..

unrivaled, life changing ..

68 Employees$33K - $14K$88K united kingdom..80%Export
J&N Stone Inc. - Southeas..

as a family owned busines..

42 Employees$22K - $42K$62K united states ..31%Export

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Using PHPDebugBar for finding leads

The curated list of companies using PHPDebugBar provides a wealth of information for sales teams. As a tool intended for profiling PHP applications, PHPDebugBar is often employed by businesses that prioritize accurate, detailed program data, and maintaining high-performing PHP applications. These firms often use advanced web technologies and are likely to invest in tools that ensure their systems run efficiently and effectively.

Sales teams benefit from this PHPDebugBar-related list in several ways.

Identify Potential Customers: Use the list to identify organizations that actively utilize PHP and are concerned with optimal performance. These businesses may be more open to products or services that help maintain, improve, or complement PHP-related operations, setting the stage for relevant pitches or proposals.

Understand Prospects' Tech Stack: If a company is using PHPDebugBar, they are likely maintaining a PHP-based technology stack. This insight can inform the sales team about the prospect's technical infrastructure, helping to tailor their approach and offer solutions more accurately aligned with the prospect's needs and operating environment.

Segmentation and Targeting: Sales teams can use the list to segment and prioritize their prospects. Companies using PHPDebugBar potentially signal a higher budget for technology tools which may make them ideal targets.

Personalized Approach: Having knowledge of a prospect's use of PHPDebugBar can be helpful in personalizing communication. It aids in expressing an understanding of a prospect's business and their technical challenges, potentially leading to more effective, tailored solutions.

Competitive Analysis: The list can be a source of information for competitive analysis. If competitors offer alternatives to PHPDebugBar and aim at the same market segment, understanding who currently uses PHPDebugBar could guide strategy development.

By leveraging the information within this list, sales teams can enhance their lead identification, streamline their lead outreach, and create highly targeted campaigns, thereby increasing their overall effectiveness and conversion rates.

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