Companies using Firebase

Firebase is an application development platform that allows developers to create iOS, Android and Web applications. It is a Google-backed software that provides extensive features such as database management, cloud storage, authentication, messaging and hosting services for app development. Firebase provides real-time data synchronization across all clients, enabling developers to build responsive and scalable apps with ease. It also offers several tools and APIs for mobile and web development, including support for popular frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue. Firebase supports multiple languages, and the SDKs offer easy-to-use APIs, making it easy for developers to get started. Additionally, Firebase's analytical tools provide detailed insights into user behavior and app performance, allowing developers to make informed decisions based on usage statistics. Overall, Firebase is a comprehensive platform that streamlines the app development process and provides support for a wide range of functions essential for building modern applications.

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121,952 companies are currently using Firebase


Merlin AI by Foyer

👉 your personal ai assis..

31 Employees$21K - $27K$91K united states ..76%Export

the paas for generating p..

27 Employees$16K - $2K$75K united states ..88%Export

unified api to help compa..

33 Employees$32K - $7K$95K united states ..59%Export

your daily source for wha..

25 Employees$13K - $19K$66K united states ..87%Export

we unlock the magic of ma..

31 Employees$21K - $2K$71K germany20%Export
Virtue Labs LLC

the world didn't need ano..

58 Employees$5K - $39K$94K united states ..34%Export

matching research sites t..

83 Employees$4K - $39K$82K france30%Export

empowering elderly and de..

23 Employees$16K - $4K$98K spain33%Export

same seats. better prices..

72 Employees$24K - $47K$67K united states ..74%Export

dressx is the largest fas..

88 Employees$11K - $46K$72K united states ..40%Export

helping companies to prot..

35 Employees$43K - $31K$58K mauritania65%Export

later, wrinkles.

89 Employees$5K - $29K$66K united states ..24%Export
Wherefour, Inc.

wherefour is a modern and..

16 Employees$29K - $33K$88K united states ..77%Export
Engagedly Inc

real-time performance man..

128 Employees$15K - $2K$97K united states ..48%Export

the connectivity foundati..

64 Employees$44K - $35K$63K united states ..54%Export

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Using Firebase for finding leads

The list of companies using Firebase offers an invaluable resource for sales teams looking for potential leads. It not only provides a glimpse into the diverse range of businesses leveraging this Google-backed application development platform, but it also serves as an entry point into the ever-expanding ecosystem of apps built for iOS, Android, and the web.

Sales teams can find companies of all sizes, from startups to large multinational corporations, within this list. This diversity provides a wide array of potential customers to explore, each with their unique needs and solutions that can be provided.

The value of the list increases when used in prospecting. It provides an understanding of which businesses are already oriented towards innovative, growth-focused technologies. Companies using Firebase demonstrate a commitment to progressive development solutions, indicating openness to similar high-impact commercial opportunities, a crucial aspect for any sales team.

Using this list also offers potential industry-specific insights, punctuating which sectors are major adopters of Firebase. This knowledge allows sales team to tailor their strategies, focusing on industries where the technology is most prevalent, thus optimizing their prospecting efficiency.

Furthermore, sales teams can explore the specific applications these businesses have developed using Firebase, giving a deeper understanding of potential pain points or needs that can be addressed with their products or solutions.

To access and benefit from this valuable list, please visit Firebase and navigate to the section that showcases its users. With this resource, sales teams can make informed decisions to successfully identify and pursue new leads, highlighting its paramount importance in their toolkit.

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