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Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Microsoft. It allows developers to write, test and debug their code in a single application. Visual Studio supports multiple programming languages such as C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, F# and Python among others, and is designed for Windows operating system.

The IDE provides a user-friendly interface that includes various tools such as source code editors, debugging tools, project management features, version control systems, and other helpful features to streamline the development process.

Visual Studio also supports a wide range of frameworks including .NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, and Unity, making it a versatile choice for developing applications on several platforms. Additionally, it offers extensions called "Visual Studio Extensions" that can be installed to add third-party libraries or frameworks, which enhances productivity and functionality.

Overall, Microsoft Visual Studio is a comprehensive and powerful IDE that enables developers to create high-quality applications across different platforms with ease.

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1,578 companies are currently using Microsoft Visual Studio


Talent Trader Group Pte L..

90 Employees$24K - $37K$84K singapore82%Export

creating investor intelli..

185 Employees$4K - $43K$78K india90%Export
American Financial & Auto..

known as “your automotive..

86 Employees$1K - $26K$64K united states ..39%Export

india's leading e-commerc..

22 Employees$32K - $3K$64K india53%Export
Topos Mondial Corporation..

mixing - dough handling -..

18 Employees$19K - $47K$83K united states ..33%Export
Terminal Supply Company

166 Employees$7K - $1K$56K united states ..22%Export
American Board of Orthopa..

establishing education & ..

30 Employees$19K - $48K$97K united states ..9%Export
Commercial Printing, Inc...

your complete office solu..

6 Employees$18K - $48K$98K united states ..67%Export
absolute PR

where businesses come to ..

5 Employees$10K - $3K$86K singapore

supporting bold visions a..

4 Employees$6K - $5K$53K united states ..46%Export
Fundcraft Publishing

14 Employees$19K - $13K$53K united states ..12%Export
Macallam Talent & Career ..

executive talent resourci..

9 Employees$12K - $31K$51K united kingdom..80%Export
Bukit Sembawang Estates L..

homes for every generatio..

24 Employees$38K - $47K$78K singapore4%Export
Arclight Wireless, Inc.

29 Employees$31K - $17K$67K united states ..85%Export
Spadaro International Ser..

custom brokers, freight f..

11 Employees$47K - $20K$68K united states ..81%Export

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Using Microsoft Visual Studio for finding leads

Microsoft Visual Studio, a robust integrated development environment from Microsoft, sees extensive usage across a wide range of companies, spanning diverse industries and regions. The registry of these companies is indeed an invaluable asset, presenting itself as a roadmap to potentially affluent leads.

Sales teams can employ the database of corporations employing Microsoft Visual Studio as a primary instrument to zero in on prospects that are likely to recognize and value technically oriented products or services. The list serves as a pre-qualified leads pool, narrowing down entities that have already shown a proclivity for advanced software solutions. This inherently increases the effectiveness of the outreach strategy and probabilistically enhances conversion rates.

The roster also provides a splendid opportunity to comprehend niche trends and demands. By analyzing the industries, business models, and company sizes that use Microsoft Visual Studio, sales representatives can harvest insightful market intelligence to fine-tune their pitch, create tailored offerings, and anticipate the needs of potential clients.

Moreover, these companies, as Microsoft Visual Studio users, might be open to further enhancing their digital ecosystem with complementary or more advanced software solutions, making them viable prospects for technology product sales pitches.

Finally, since Microsoft Visual Studio is a global product, the list can aid teams in expanding their sales campaigns across different geographical regions. It can also streamline global market penetration strategy, as they uncover companies using this technology in various corners of the world.

Drawing on this register, sales reps are well-equipped to establish meaningful connections, enabling them to transition from unsolicited cold outreach to a data-driven, focused, and efficient lead generation process, thereby increasing the overall sales productivity.

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