Companies using Storybook

Storybook is a tool that enables frontend developers to build and test UI components and pages in isolation, without the need for a complete application or backend. It provides a sandboxed environment for developers to work on individual UI elements, allowing them to tweak and refine their design until it meets their requirements. Storybook is a development workflow that allows developers to write, review, and catalog components that can be re-used in other projects.

With Storybook, developers can create stories to describe how a component should behave under different scenarios. These stories can include various states, props, and interactions, which can be previewed and tested within the isolated environment provided by Storybook. Developers can also integrate Storybook with popular frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular, making it a versatile tool for building UI components across different projects.

Overall, Storybook helps developers create high-quality and reusable UI components by providing a streamlined workflow for designing and testing these elements in isolation.

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94 companies are currently using Storybook



online orders. simplified..

476 Employees$33K - $39K$69K belgium63%Export
Qalbaq | The Career Advis..

the premier marketplace f..

6 Employees$30K - $42K$65K united states ..89%Export

changing the way you sell..

91 Employees$18K - $27K$71K france20%Export
Secomba GmbH | Boxcryptor..

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10 Employees$34K - $8K$99K germany100%Export
UST ContineoHealth

patient-centric digital t..

42 Employees$37K - $28K$65K united states ..64%Export
MobileComm Professionals,..

a ust company.

785 Employees$41K - $7K$95K united states ..63%Export
Haste Arcade

the world’s first instant..

7 Employees$23K - $6K$56K united states ..27%Export
UST España & Latam

transformando vidas a tra..

774 Employees$37K - $20K$65K spain29%Export
PartsBase Inc.

partsbase is the most act..

246 Employees$2K - $19K$61K united states ..50%Export
ICA Banken

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389 Employees$17K - $14K$80K sweden74%Export

improving the wellbeing o..

1,147 Employees$36K - $3K$77K new zealand21%Export
Amel International Servic..

your baking companion and..

42 Employees$25K - $34K$56K nigeria35%Export
Velocity Frequent Flyer

virgin australia's award-..

130 Employees$17K - $36K$73K australia76%Export
Australian Red Cross

105 years’ experience sup..

2,397 Employees$33K - $28K$70K australia70%Export
UST Xpresso

a leading enterprise ai/m..

5 Employees$23K - $2K$93K united states ..58%Export

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Using Storybook for finding leads

The list of companies using Storybook represents a valuable resource for gaining insight into various sectors that prioritize sophisticated user interface design. By enabling development of UI components in isolation, Storybook serves as a powerful tool for teams committed to meticulous, component-driven design. The use of Storybook can often be an indicator of a company's commitment to quality in their digital experiences.

For sales teams, this curated inventory can provide important clues during lead identification. Since Storybook is commonly used by companies placing a high premium on user interaction and interface design, it can help sales professionals to zone in on prospects that value high-quality web development solutions.

Moreover, if a particular service or product caters to this specific need, then this list would become an invaluable starting point for targeted outreach. With a more precise lead identification, the overall efficiency of the sales process can be enhanced by directing resources towards prospects more likely to convert.

Another valuable implication revolves around competitive analysis. Sight of companies using Storybook can help understand industry trends, technology adoption rates, and the competitive landscape. Sales teams can analyze this data to improve their strategy and personalize their pitches, thereby improving connection rates and fostering more fruitful client relationships.

Regarding lead nurturing, knowing your prospects use Storybook can help create more contextual conversations and offers. Such an approach appears less generic and can help cultivate more engaged and receptive leads, evolving them through the customer journey in a more effective manner, ultimately leading to successful conversions and long-term client relationships.

In summary, the list can sharpen focus when prospecting, catalyze a more efficient sales process, facilitate competitive analysis, and assist in crafting personalized, engaging interactions with potential clients.

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