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GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a complete Git-repository management system. It integrates with other DevOps tools such as issue-tracking, continuous integration and deployment pipeline features, and wiki. GitLab is an open-source platform that allows developers to collaborate on codebases; it has built-in version control, project management, and CI/CD pipelines. It offers a user-friendly interface for project planning, collaboration, and tracking progress, allowing teams to work together efficiently. GitLab seamlessly integrates with popular services like Jira, Jenkins, and Kubernetes, making it a valuable tool for DevOps teams to manage their workflows. The open-source license of GitLab means that it is free to use, customize, and modify according to specific needs. GitLab can be used by individual contributors or large organizations, providing flexibility in its usage. With its comprehensive set of features, GitLab is a powerful platform for software development teams looking to streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

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154 companies are currently using GitLab



build software faster. th..

2,365 Employees$21K - $49K$73K united states ..6%Export

15 Employees$43K - $10K$70K pakistan31%Export
Applicazioni Ricerche Inf..

semplifichiamo le soluzio..

8 Employees$23K - $24K$69K italy30%Export

instagram filter developm..

1 Employees$19K - $13K$65K türkiye74%Export

independent it services: ..

16 Employees$6K - $33K$57K germany97%Export
Semantic Applications Gmb..

3 Employees$19K - $41K$88K germany72%Export
Tech Check Buddy LLC

explore your options

2 Employees$48K - $6K$64K united states ..49%Export
The C-Level

founded in 2010 expertise..

12 Employees$19K - $29K$94K thailand76%Export
Atlas Estate

6 Employees$47K - $37K$70K türkiye78%Export
Transparent Financial Sys..

unlock payments. unleash ..

2 Employees$40K - $11K$52K united states ..3%Export
CRC Information Technolog..

human touch, custom solut..

22 Employees$10K - $10K$70K spain14%Export
ASKOTT Real Estate Consul..

accompagner les promoteur..

1 Employees$41K - $29K$75K france80%Export
Citrus-Mate Inc

6 Employees$17K - $49K$60K -50%Export

10 Employees$23K - $42K$67K new zealand12%Export
Direct Media Komunikacije..

6 Employees$15K - $37K$76K croatia31%Export

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Using GitLab for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing GitLab offers significant value and potential for sales teams. It provides a comprehensive and targeted prospecting tool, enabling the identification and engagement with businesses already invested in modern web-based DevOps tools.

Successful sales prospecting relies on understanding a prospect's needs and presenting solutions that cater to those needs. Companies featured on this list have demonstrated a preference for quality DevOps lifecycle tools, such as GitLab. This serves as an essential insight when crafting personalized and resonant sales pitches.

Accurate segmentation is key for efficient lead generation. This list enables sales teams to segment their prospective targets based on their use of GitLab. Businesses on this list are potentially more open to solutions which integrate with, or enhance, GitLab's capabilities. This allows more specialized solutions to find and attract their ideal customers.

Further, these businesses have shown their willingness to adopt and adapt to innovative web-based technologies. Therefore, the list might attract tech startups, DevOps software vendors, and sales teams offering complementary products or services, geared towards the enhancement of the DevOps processes.

This roster qualifies the sales teams' leads, enabling them to invest time and resources pitching to companies likely to see value in their offering. It helps eliminate low-quality leads earlier in the sales process, increasing overall sales efficiency.

In conclusion, besides narrowing down the prospect list and improving lead quality, this list can make lead prospecting more efficient, targeting optimal, greatly matching companies that use and value advancements in the DevOps sector. It's an essential tool for sales teams seeking to leverage existing GitLab users' needs and preferences to drive their sales efforts.

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