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Atlassian Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service for source code and development projects that uses either Mercurial or Git revision control systems. It provides version control functionality, allowing developers to manage their code repositories and track changes over time. With Bitbucket, teams can collaborate on projects and easily share code with each other, whether they are working in the same office or remotely. Additionally, it offers features such as pull requests, code reviews, and continuous integration tools which help ensure code quality and streamline the software development process. Bitbucket also integrates with many other Atlassian tools, such as Jira, Confluence, and Bamboo, to provide a complete DevOps solution. Overall, Bitbucket is a versatile and robust tool that helps developers effectively manage their codebase.

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40 companies are currently using Atlassian Bitbucket



productivity solutions fo..

14 Employees$44K - $48K$63K israel35%Export

✔️ meer groei door slimme..

7 Employees$19K - $26K$84K belgium87%Export
Unisoft S.A.

information technology an..

16 Employees$30K - $43K$78K greece28%Export
CPQing Solutions

improve your quotation an..

3 Employees$32K - $39K$51K netherlands80%Export

einfach. smart. profitabe..

24 Employees$35K - $47K$76K germany16%Export
Spirit Experts

ihr erfolg ist unser busi..

9 Employees$26K - $25K$71K germany64%Export
Studio Alt

create change.

6 Employees$45K - $27K$71K australia78%Export

the easiest way to buy th..

5 Employees$43K - $24K$91K united states ..96%Export
Lookout Mountain Presbyte..

31 Employees$41K - $17K$73K united states ..11%Export

the uk’s experts in led v..

3 Employees$44K - $48K$76K united kingdom..54%Export

3 Employees$36K - $2K$96K poland37%Export

soluciones comerciales & ..

2 Employees$17K - $14K$76K ecuador9%Export

3 Employees$31K - $48K$93K australia54%Export
Titan Trade Windows Ltd

Manufacturing uPVC & alum..

8 Employees$16K - $19K$60K united kingdom..75%Export
Sell It Easy

sell complex products eas..

2 Employees$7K - $3K$56K belgium36%Export

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This ever-growing list of companies actively using Atlassian Bitbucket has incredible value to sales teams. It offers a centralized, structured collection of potential clients who have already identified themselves as users of web-based version control repository hosting services, implying a degree of technical sophistication and a possible need for related products or services.

The primary value proposition of this catalog lies in its specificity. It's not just a directory of businesses; it's a directory of businesses with verified interest in development project tools such as Bitbucket. This opens up fruitful avenues for targeted, relevant outreach that can increase the efficacy of a sales team's prospecting efforts, and significantly enhance the rate of successful conversions.

In the realm of B2B sales, relevance matters. By identifying the right audience first, sales teams can avoid diluting their efforts on less promising leads. Consumers of Bitbucket are likely to be tech-oriented, possibly belonging to industries such as web development, IT consulting, software engineering, and so forth. By knowing who the audience is, sales teams can tailor their approach to match the needs, language, and values of those leads.

The list becomes a springboard for a strategic sales approach. It allows sales teams to efficiently zero in on companies that are likely already investing in technology-related tools and who may be on the lookout for additional services - be it for consultation, integration, support, or complementary tech solutions.

In addition, having this curated list on hand helps keep track of industry trends. Seeing which industries commonly use Bitbucket could be eye-opening, revealing new market sectors to explore. This sort of knowledge can render the sales approach more dynamic and adaptable.

Unlike general databases, the specificity of this list increases the success ratio of lead conversions by providing a pool of quality leads. Time and effort spent on prospecting is minimized, and chances of discovering companies that have a direct interest in what is being sold are significantly amplified. The repertoire is a powerful tool that can be used to unleash the full potential of sales opportunities within the Bitbucket user community.

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