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Phabricator is a suite of web-based tools for software development collaboration. It includes several tools, such as Differential for code review, Diffusion for repository browsing, Herald for change monitoring, Maniphest for bug tracking, and Phriction for a wiki. It integrates with multiple version control systems like Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.

2 companies are currently using Phabricator


Aiko IT Systems

we love to build new thin..

2 Employees$33K - $46K$83K germany4%Export

- Employees$48K - $12K$72K united states ..90%Export

Using Phabricator for finding leads

The list of companies using Phabricator serves as a valuable directory for sales teams, enabling them to find potential leads more efficiently. It provides a broad perspective on the technology market landscape, specifically those interested in comprehensive web-based software development collaboration tools like Phabricator.

The practicality of such a list comes from its inclusivity of companies employing a suite of collaborative tools, revealing potential needs and interests. Companies using Phabricator likely have a more significant investment in software development. Recognizing these companies suggests an inherent value for tools enhancing their development process, leading to potential leads for businesses offering supplementary or complementary services.

Moreover, understanding the types of companies using Phabricator could help narrow down the kind of prospects to approach. By identifying industry trends, sizes of businesses, or the technological maturity of companies in the list, sales teams can develop more targeted sales strategies.

The list also presents networking and partnership opportunities. Contacting these companies could lead to fruitful conversations about their experiences with Phabricator, challenges they might be facing, or other needs to be addressed, opening the door for clear-cut solutions that a sales team's product or service could offer.

Carrying capacity to inform competitive analysis, this list offers insights into potential competitors' customers. Recognizing companies investing in similar technology sectors can offer a valuable understanding of the competitor's market strategy, possibly influencing product development or sales approach.

Overall, the list of companies using Phabricator is an assured resource for sales teams seeking to discover leads, understand market trends, and refine their sales strategy.

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