Atlassian Jira Issue Collector
Companies using Atlassian Jira Issue Collector

I apologize for the confusion, but the context you have provided about Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is incorrect. Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is not a tool used for downloading lists of websites or gathering contact information.

Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is actually a feature within the Atlassian Jira software that allows users to collect feedback and bug reports from external users who do not have access to your Jira instance. It provides a customizable form that can be embedded on any website or application, allowing users to submit issues directly into your Jira project.

When a user submits an issue using the Issue Collector, it automatically creates a new issue in Jira with all the relevant details, including a description of the problem, any attachments or screenshots, and the user's contact information. This helps teams streamline their issue tracking process and ensure that important feedback is not lost or overlooked.

Overall, Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is a powerful tool for improving collaboration and communication between teams and external stakeholders, making it easier to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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212 companies are currently using Atlassian Jira Issue Collector



clean ingredients. gyneco..

113 Employees$34K - $50K$83K united states ..41%Export
eWater Group

we champion the environme..

49 Employees$17K - $49K$93K australia58%Export

the data platform for ai ..

390 Employees$29K - $6K$51K united states ..3%Export
Massive Analytic

the explainable ai compan..

10 Employees$8K - $25K$89K united kingdom..73%Export
C&K Systems

we offer smarter retail t..

37 Employees$13K - $2K$60K united states ..77%Export
SciVista, Inc

insightful, collaborative..

9 Employees$6K - $27K$54K united states ..80%Export
Eureka Network

innovation beyond borders..

184 Employees$34K - $41K$66K belgium9%Export
Tech Tour

tech tour connects europe..

54 Employees$34K - $40K$82K belgium70%Export
Studio Boost

con noi digitalizzi in ma..

12 Employees$19K - $6K$52K italy85%Export
Watchman Payment Systems

we reduce the friction of..

3 Employees$7K - $48K$98K united states ..10%Export
American Academy of Pedia..

dedicated to the health o..

1,110 Employees$43K - $46K$64K united states ..55%Export
Uhde High Pressure Techno..

high pressure technologie..

105 Employees$9K - $7K$57K germany24%Export
J&F Dental Labs

16 Employees$26K - $24K$93K united states ..12%Export

159 Employees$7K - $40K$95K germany33%Export
Savery Hydraulics

manufacturers of high-per..

21 Employees$21K - $18K$70K united kingdom..85%Export

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Using Atlassian Jira Issue Collector for finding leads

The list of companies using Atlassian Jira Issue Collector can be a valuable resource for businesses. With this comprehensive database, prospects can be identified more effectively. By having access to a wide array of firms utilizing this tool, sales teams can better understand their potential market and directly target those businesses that might find value in their complementary offerings.

From email addresses and phone numbers to LinkedIn profiles, this list provides a variety of ways to initiate contacts. Commercial teams are empowered to approach relevant departments of companies already using the Atlassian Jira Issue Collector, offering services or products that enhance or align with the utilization of the tool.

This information can also be useful for refining lead qualification processes. Users of Atlassian Jira Issue Collector tend to be organizations focused on improving their issue-tracking and project management. Hence, sales and marketing operations can create customized lead qualification criteria and sales scripts, enhancing their conversion rates.

Moreover, the list can assist in size-up strategies and competitor analysis. Organizations can use it to track competitors' client trends, or to identify opportunities to upsell or cross-sell their products or solutions.

In a sales and marketing landscape where efficiency, targeted outreach, and precision are key, the value of this database is clear. It serves not just as a list, but as a strategic resource, providing essential data for businesses to acquire, connect, and engage with their potential leads effectively. Whether for initiating contact, qualifying leads, or competitor analysis, the list of companies using Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is a vital tool for teams in their quest to maximize sales output and growth.

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