Atlassian Jira Issue Collector
Atlassian Jira Issue Collector

I apologize for the confusion, but the context you have provided about Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is incorrect. Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is not a tool used for downloading lists of websites or gathering contact information. Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is actually a feature within the Atlassian Jira software that allows users to collect feedback and bug reports from external users who do not have access to your Jira instance. It provides a customizable form that can be embedded on any website or application, allowing users to submit issues directly into your Jira project. When a user submits an issue using the Issue Collector, it automatically creates a new issue in Jira with all the relevant details, including a description of the problem, any attachments or screenshots, and the user's contact information. This helps teams streamline their issue tracking process and ensure that important feedback is not lost or overlooked. Overall, Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is a powerful tool for improving collaboration and communication between teams and external stakeholders, making it easier to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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132 Companies using Atlassian Jira Issue Collector


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How to use Atlassian Jira Issue Collector

Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is a powerful tool that allows users to collect and organize data from various sources. In this case, we will focus on how to use it to download a list of websites with email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles.

Firstly, you need to create a new issue collector. To do this, log in to your Jira account and navigate to the project where you want to use the Issue Collector. Click on the “Settings” button on the left-hand side navigation menu, then select “System” and “Webhooks”. Next, click on “Create Webhook” and choose the “Jira Issue Collector” option. This will take you to the Issue Collector screen.

Once you’re on the Issue Collector screen, click on “Create Issue Collector” to start creating a new one. You will be prompted to enter a name for your collector and a description. Make sure to give it a descriptive name so you can easily identify it later.

In the “Collection Details” section, you can specify what data you want to collect. For example, if you want to collect website URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles, you can set up four different fields. For each field, you can specify the label, field type, and any validation rules you want to add.

Next, you’ll want to configure the “Field Mapping” section. Here, you can map the fields you just created to Jira custom fields. This allows you to easily store and organize the data you collect. If you don’t already have custom fields set up in Jira, you can create them here by clicking on the “Create Custom Field” button.

After configuring the Issue Collector, you need to embed it into your website. To do this, copy the code provided by Jira and paste it into the HTML of your website. You can place it anywhere you want, but it’s a good idea to put it in a prominent location where visitors are likely to see it.

Once the Issue Collector is embedded on your website, visitors can start submitting data. Whenever someone fills out the form and clicks “Submit”, Jira will create a new issue with the data they entered. This issue will be automatically assigned to the project and issue type you specified when creating the collector.

In conclusion, Atlassian Jira Issue Collector is a versatile tool that can help you collect and organize data from various sources. By following the steps outlined above, you can set up an Issue Collector to download a list of websites with email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles. Once the Issue Collector is set up and embedded on your website, you can start collecting data right away.

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