Clockwork is a web development tool that can be used for PHP. It enables developers to debug and profile their PHP applications from within the browser. Clockwork offers features such as request information, logging, database queries, performance metrics, and more. It provides a visual interface to monitor application details and can help identify potential issues in real-time. Developers can use Clockwork to optimize their PHP code, track requests & responses without relying on external software or tools. Additionally, Clockwork can be integrated with popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and Yii to enhance debugging capabilities further. Overall, Clockwork simplifies the debugging process by providing an easy-to-use and accessible interface that empowers developers to build better PHP applications.

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104 Companies using Clockwork

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Alvic Group

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J & J. Carter Ltd

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Input Joinery

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World Cord Sets, Inc.

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Rank Tracker Tool To Make..

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9$14K - $24K$59K spain91%
Cooperativa Santa Clara

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800$33K - $12K$9K brazil66%
SALTEK s.r.o.

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36$16K - $46K$31K czechia25%
Asteria Monaco

Consulting, Digital, Engi..

30$20K - $17K$101 monaco85%

steelway brickhouse is a ..

11$38K - $24K$0 united kingdom..90%

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How to use Clockwork

Clockwork is a PHP development tool that helps you debug and optimize your application by providing insights into the request, database queries, executed code, and more. To use Clockwork, follow these steps:

  1. Install Clockwork: You can install Clockwork using Composer, which is the recommended method, or manually by downloading the package from the official website.

  2. Integrate Clockwork with your application: Once Clockwork is installed, integrate it with your application by adding the Clockwork middleware to your middleware stack or by integrating it with your framework of choice.

  3. Start using Clockwork: With Clockwork integrated into your application, you can start using it to debug and optimize your application. To view the Clockwork dashboard, open your application in a browser and append

    to the URL. This will open the Clockwork dashboard, which displays various tabs containing information about the request, database queries, executed code, and more.

  4. Customize Clockwork: Clockwork comes with many configuration options that you can use to customize its behavior. For example, you can configure Clockwork to only log requests from certain IP addresses, exclude certain paths from being logged, and more.

  5. Use Clockwork extensions: Clockwork has a plugin architecture that allows you to extend its capabilities. There are many Clockwork extensions available that provide additional functionality, such as integration with popular Laravel packages, integration with popular databases, and more.

Overall, using Clockwork can help you identify and fix issues in your PHP application, leading to faster and more reliable software development.

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