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How to use Atlassian FishEye

Atlassian FishEye is a powerful tool for browsing source code repositories. It allows developers to search and analyze code changes, view the history of code commits, and track code quality metrics. Here are some steps on how you can use FishEye:

  1. Install FishEye: Install FishEye on your server or use Atlassian's hosted version, called FishEye OnDemand.

  2. Connect to your repository: FishEye supports most popular source code management systems, such as Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, and CVS. Connect your repository to FishEye by providing the repository location and credentials if necessary.

  3. Index the repository: Once connected, FishEye will index the entire repository to make searching faster. Depending on the size of the repository, indexing may take a while.

  4. Browse the repository: After indexing, you can browse the repository using the FishEye web interface. The interface provides several views, including source, changesets, branches, tags, and file history. You can navigate through the repository, view code diffs, and search for specific code fragments.

  5. Analyze code changes: FishEye provides several features that help you analyze code changes, such as annotations, blame information, and reviews. Annotations show who last modified each line of code and when. Blame information shows who introduced each line of code and in which commit. Reviews allow you to annotate code changes and discuss them with other developers.

  6. Track code quality: FishEye integrates with several code quality tools, such as Checkstyle, PMD, and FindBugs. You can configure FishEye to run these tools automatically on each commit and report any issues found. FishEye also provides code churn metrics, which show which files are changing frequently and may need refactoring.

Overall, Atlassian FishEye is an excellent tool for code browsing and analysis. It helps developers save time by providing a centralized place to view code changes and track code quality metrics.

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