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Worldz is a technology platform that calculates the economic value of a user's social popularity by considering both qualitative and quantitative factors. Based on this calculation, Worldz provides personalized discounts to users that can be used in exchange for sharing on their Instagram or Facebook profiles. By using Worldz, users are able to leverage their social influence to obtain discounts on products and services that they are interested in purchasing.

The platform works by analyzing various metrics related to a user's social media presence, such as the number of followers, engagement levels, and overall reach. Based on this analysis, Worldz assigns an economic value to the user's social popularity and provides a discount code that is commensurate with this valuation.

In addition to providing benefits to individual users, Worldz also offers advantages to businesses that partner with the platform. By leveraging the social influence of users, companies are able to increase exposure for their brands and potentially attract new customers. This win-win scenario creates a mutually beneficial relationship between users and businesses and helps to drive economic growth in the digital marketplace.

Overall, Worldz is an innovative platform that allows users to monetize their social influence and obtain tangible benefits for their online presence. By providing personalized discounts based on social popularity, Worldz represents a unique and valuable proposition for both individuals and businesses looking to engage with audiences on social media.

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68 companies are currently using Worldz



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130 Employees$38K - $22K$79K netherlands55%Export

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11 Employees$15K - $48K$66K netherlands34%Export
Farmacia Soccavo

9 Employees$24K - $40K$55K italy26%Export
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3 Employees$49K - $5K$96K italy6%Export
Kamer van Koophandel

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1,829 Employees$14K - $2K$87K netherlands64%Export

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23 Employees$4K - $6K$95K italy54%Export

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978 Employees$4K - $16K$87K italy96%Export
Tropical World

26 Employees$15K - $5K$54K italy79%Export
Tuscus - Frantoio Artigia..

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4 Employees$25K - $36K$51K italy73%Export
Feel Your Look

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4 Employees$18K - $32K$99K italy44%Export

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4 Employees$43K - $4K$66K italy10%Export

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32 Employees$24K - $25K$74K netherlands21%Export

5 Employees$33K - $12K$57K italy73%Export
Farmacia Porta Venezia Do..

innovativi per vocazione

4 Employees$9K - $4K$66K italy31%Export
Qualiterbe Srl

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6 Employees$33K - $21K$65K italy51%Export

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Using Worldz for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Worldz technology presents a highly valuable resource for sales teams searching for potential leads. It encompasses businesses that acknowledge the growing impact of social media on commerce, and the potential of influencer-based marketing.

Recognizing the immense influence of social media popularity on consumer behavior, businesses resorting to Worldz have shown that they are forward-thinking, adaptive and are eager to leverage innovative strategies. Thus, the list represents a collection of potential customers who are likely to embrace new ideas, solutions, or products - an incentive for any sales team.

The power of Worldz to measure the economic value of a user’s social popularity allows companies to optimize their marketing budget. As a result, companies on this list likely have a well-defined target audience and dedicated resources for marketing solutions, making them genuine prospective clients.

Further, these businesses are already investing in technology to gain a competitive advantage. This demonstrates their willingness to allocate resources for effective solutions - crucial information for any sales team.

In a nutshell, the list of companies using Worldz offers significant value through:

  1. Identification of forward-thinking, innovation-inclined businesses
  2. Surfacing companies with well-defined target audiences
  3. Highlighting businesses with the willingness and resources to invest in effective solutions

Sales teams can effectively leverage this list to target potential leads, carving out a smoother and more efficient prospecting road. This is an invaluable tool that not only aids in the process of lead generation but could also significantly increase conversion rates and ultimately, sales success.

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