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FareHarbor is a booking and schedule management solution designed for tour and activity companies. It provides tools to manage bookings, schedules, availability, and payments. With FareHarbor, tour and activity companies can create custom booking pages, offer real-time availability, and process payments securely. The solution also provides integration with other third-party systems such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. By using FareHarbor, tour and activity companies can streamline their operations, reduce administrative tasks, and improve customer satisfaction through better communication and support.

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8,222 companies are currently using FareHarbor



where creative innovation..

70 Employees$9K - $48K$56K united states ..91%Export
MobCraft Beer

turning ideas into beer s..

15 Employees$12K - $18K$96K united states ..66%Export
Rhode Island Historical S..

honoring, interpreting an..

31 Employees$34K - $26K$90K united states ..99%Export
Gray Line Tennessee

specializing in black car..

70 Employees$48K - $25K$59K united states ..36%Export

engaging business and com..

17 Employees$48K - $17K$69K united states ..69%Export
Westgate Resorts

make vacations your work...

4,501 Employees$46K - $28K$65K united states ..97%Export
Flagship Cruises & Events..

celebrating san diego sin..

66 Employees$15K - $14K$65K united states ..37%Export
Brussels Beer Project

positive belgian brewery

46 Employees$19K - $19K$50K belgium52%Export
Arizona Biltmore, A Waldo..

arizona's icon, reinvente..

368 Employees$36K - $32K$53K united states ..13%Export
Rebecca Creek Distillery,..

based in san antonio, tex..

24 Employees$4K - $48K$96K united states ..95%Export

protecting long island so..

38 Employees$21K - $19K$70K united states ..23%Export
Robert's Hawaii, Inc.

driven with aloha! our co..

386 Employees$22K - $15K$96K united states ..38%Export
Experience Oxfordshire

the official destination ..

13 Employees$32K - $11K$97K united kingdom..57%Export
Waterways Cruises and Eve..

celebrating 25 years! fo..

38 Employees$9K - $30K$71K united states ..76%Export
Corsair Artisan Distiller..

modern american craft spi..

16 Employees$1K - $9K$71K united states ..33%Export

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Using FareHarbor for finding leads

The list of companies using FareHarbor offers a high degree of value to sales teams due to the focused and specific nature of the FareHarbor user base. Such a list provides insights into a group of organizations already invested in utilising technology to streamline their booking and schedule management - an indication of their willingness to leverage digital solutions for operational efficiency.

Sales teams can isolate potential leads that value technology-driven solutions, allowing a more pinpointed and efficient lead generation process. By approaching companies already familiar with the benefits of such tools, the chance of a successful sale can potentially increase.

Further, the list gives sales teams an understanding of the size, scope, and type of companies using FareHarbor. This contextual knowledge can guide the development of tailored communication and sales strategies. For instance, learning that a company is part of the tour and activity industry can help draft a solution-specific proposal, thereby increasing its appeal to the prospect.

Moreover, companies using FareHarbor may be exploring complementary technologies or looking to switch providers if existing needs are not met. This presents an opportunity for sales teams to offer alternatives or additional tools that would further optimize their operations or solve persisting issues.

Sales teams can derive valuable insights from the list, helping them identify trends and gaps in technology usage within specific industries. Using these insights, they can refine their products, strategies, and marketing efforts to better cater to these businesses’ needs.

In summary, a list of companies using FareHarbor can be a robust tool for lead prospecting, helping sales teams understand their prospects better, tailor their approach, identify industry trends, and ultimately, find new customers.

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