Companies using Podium


Podium is a platform designed to help businesses communicate with their customers on a local level. It provides tools for managing customer interactions across multiple channels, including text messaging, web chat, and social media. With Podium, businesses can easily engage with customers, gather feedback, and respond to inquiries in real-time. The platform also offers features for managing online reviews and generating insights from customer data. Overall, Podium aims to streamline customer communication and improve the overall customer experience for businesses who rely on local interactions with their customers.

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13,959 companies are currently using Podium


Fortress Power

smart, clean energy stora..

49 Employees$8K - $36K$89K united states ..30%Export

life. improved.

153 Employees$29K - $3K$59K united states ..19%Export
Alpha Structural, Inc.

southern california’s pre..

45 Employees$4K - $2K$97K united states ..8%Export
Urgent Care for Kids

quality pediatric care op..

116 Employees$31K - $27K$51K united states ..71%Export
Ally Medical

more caring. less waiting..

85 Employees$46K - $39K$73K united states ..25%Export
champions school of real ..

now is the time to be a c..

170 Employees$14K - $6K$95K united states ..17%Export
Ybarra Maldonado Law Grou..

immigration, criminal, an..

10 Employees$42K - $40K$52K united states ..27%Export
Clearlight® Infrared Saun..

surround yourself in well..

31 Employees$28K - $22K$87K united states ..40%Export
Summit BHC

summit bhc operates a net..

280 Employees$28K - $10K$82K united states ..61%Export
Reis-Nichols Jewelers

a family-owned and -opera..

72 Employees$23K - $21K$76K united states ..41%Export
Doc2Doc Lending

the lending platform excl..

16 Employees$43K - $39K$64K united states ..44%Export
Tate Boys Tire and Servic..

we can't wait to serve yo..

33 Employees$21K - $1K$93K united states ..5%Export
E.E. Ward Moving & Storag..

professional movers since..

61 Employees$11K - $29K$86K united states ..22%Export
Cottonwood Tucson

cottonwood tucson is an i..

96 Employees$40K - $2K$82K united states ..1%Export
Austin Window Fashions

your austin, tx shutter +..

16 Employees$39K - $14K$84K united states ..60%Export

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Using Podium for finding leads

The meticulously curated list of firms using the Podium platform can serve as a robust resource for sales teams, offering key insights to aid in lead prospecting. The wealth of information provided by these companies gives sales teams a vital sense of the market landscape, offering them a snapshot of the customer communication methods other businesses are adopting, and hence structuring their approach accordingly.

The use of Podium by these listed companies points to their commitment towards improving local customer interaction. For a sales team offering products or services that align with such needs, this list can be a splendid starting point. It can be viewed as an avenue for identifying potential leads that value improved customer communication and engagement - a key principle of Podium.

The list also reveals businesses open to leveraging modern technology for customer relations. Sales teams offering complementary solutions or those in the tech domain may find good prospects among these companies. It could also be used to benchmark potential client behavior in terms of technology adoption, allowing a sales team to segment its target audience better.

Moreover, the sales team can gain insights into different industry verticals that are employing Podium. This broadens their understanding of where their services or products might be in demand, helping them tailor their sales efforts to those specific industries.

In sum, a list of companies using Podium can be a powerful tool for sales teams in their lead prospecting initiatives. By indicating which firms value customer communication and interaction, are tech-savvy, and belong to industries where such a platform would be beneficial, this list can guide the sales team's strategy, helping them to refine, direct, and optimize their lead generation efforts.

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