Companies using AddThis

AddThis is a social bookmarking service that allows users to share web content with others through a web widget. The web widget can be integrated into a website, giving visitors the ability to share the website's content on various social media platforms or via email. It provides an easy way to promote a website's content and increase its visibility on social media. AddThis also allows website owners to track how their content is being shared and which social networks are generating the most traffic. This information can then be used to optimize the website's social media marketing strategy.

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131,826 companies are currently using AddThis


Nantum AI

nantum ai is an award-win..

39 Employees$44K - $28K$100K united states ..41%Export

digital tech & marketing ..

21 Employees$6K - $18K$71K united kingdom..37%Export
International Association..

exhibitions and events me..

55 Employees$11K - $20K$83K united states ..53%Export

helping you help the worl..

17 Employees$18K - $41K$93K india53%Export
Forager Project

come forage with us.

39 Employees$42K - $34K$78K united states ..58%Export
MUTOH America Inc.

top manufacturer of wide-..

55 Employees$14K - $50K$82K united states ..44%Export
ParcelShield Holdings, LL..

protecting more than pack..

73 Employees$34K - $43K$69K united states ..9%Export

a strategic physical and ..

37 Employees$2K - $13K$67K united states ..72%Export
Ocean's Halo

new frontier foods inc.

28 Employees$33K - $2K$86K united states ..6%Export
Philanthropy Northwest

many missions. one commun..

31 Employees$28K - $23K$54K united states ..21%Export
Nauticus Robotics, Inc.

transforming the way work..

59 Employees$32K - $38K$52K united states ..70%Export

autonomous transportation..

146 Employees$42K - $8K$78K united states ..76%Export
Inter-American Dialogue

we engage our network to ..

72 Employees$18K - $45K$91K united states ..38%Export
Pacific Community Venture..

investing in small busine..

132 Employees$33K - $42K$97K united states ..53%Export

all your taxes. done. | f..

92 Employees$39K - $30K$76K belgium100%Export

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Using AddThis for finding leads

This page provides an extensive list of companies leveraging the AddThis platform. AddThis, a social bookmarking service, is integrated into websites via a web widget, enabling visitors to share content effortlessly across different social media platforms.

The value of this list lies in its capacity to offer an in-depth look into the world of businesses already capitalizing on the AddThis service. The companies listed here span a broad range of industries, sizes, and geographic regions, making it a wealth of information for sales professionals looking to identify prospective clients.

One significant advantage is the ability to identify potential leads who are yet to benefit from the AddThis service. For businesses offering related products or services, this list can help pinpoint companies that value state-of-the-art web technologies, positioning their offerings more accurately.

In addition, sales teams can learn about these companies' strategies to draw insights on industry trends. This can help refine their tactics and understand the competitive landscape better. Armed with this knowledge, they'll be better equipped to tailor their proposals and pitches to resonate with these prospective leads.

Moreover, for businesses offering complementary services to AddThis, overviewing this list of companies can help them target organizations already familiar with and open to integrating their websites with third-party services. This foreknowledge can be a significant asset in formulating a persuasive argument for their own product's integration.

To encapsulate, navigating through the list of companies using AddThis gives sales teams a strategic advantage in lead prospecting by identifying potential leads, gaining insights into the competitive landscape, and developing a targeted strategy. It's a valuable asset for staying ahead in the ever-evolving web technology market.

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