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ProvenExpert is a marketing platform that helps businesses to gather and display customer feedback. It allows users to create surveys to collect customer reviews and ratings, which are then compiled into an aggregate review score. This can be displayed on the business's website or social media channels to promote trust and credibility among potential customers. ProvenExpert also offers additional features such as a digital business card, customizable landing pages, and integration with various other tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Overall, ProvenExpert is a useful tool for businesses looking to improve their online reputation and attract new customers by showcasing positive customer feedback.

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8,846 companies are currently using ProvenExpert



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49 Employees$27K - $40K$72K germany28%Export
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Interim Profis GmbH

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32 Employees$49K - $46K$81K germany76%Export
Media Lab GmbH

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38 Employees$31K - $20K$52K germany89%Export
Billbee GmbH

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38 Employees$34K - $41K$86K germany16%Export
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Advertace GmbH

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17 Employees$2K - $21K$76K germany79%Export

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Using ProvenExpert for finding leads

Having a list of companies using ProvenExpert can provide multifaceted value to sales teams. Firstly, it presents an excellent opportunity to prospect potential leads, as it offers an in-depth understanding of the businesses that value feedback, customer service, and reputation management.

Moreover, this list serves as a reference for companies that understand the significance of utilizing a customer-focused approach in their business model. It indicates these businesses are not just driven by sales quantity, but are equally committed to sales quality and customer satisfaction.

Perusing the list, sales teams can identify potential leads who are invested in validation programs as part of their growth strategy, such as those provided by ProvenExpert. Due to their involvement with a review-based marketing platform, it can be inferred that these businesses might also be interested in other marketing, advertising, and service improvement technologies, thereby making them suitable prospects for sales teams dealing in such areas.

Lastly, the list also sets a premise for benchmarking. Sales teams can compare and analyze the performance of different companies on ProvenExpert, thereby gaining insights into their prospective's industry norms, performance expectations, and prevailing competition. This information can be used to tailor their approach to match or even surpass these established standards.

Thus, the list of companies using ProvenExpert can be an intrinsic tool for sales teams aiming to garner potential leads in a targeted and meaningful manner.

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