Companies using Elfsight


Elfsight is a comprehensive web platform that provides over 70 customizable widgets for websites. These widgets are designed to enhance the functionality of websites, making them more interactive and user-friendly. With Elfsight, website owners can add a wide range of features such as contact forms, social media buttons, chatbots, image galleries, and more.

The platform is intuitive, easy to use, and doesn't require any coding skills. By simply selecting the desired widget, users can customize it according to their preferences and easily integrate it into their website. The widgets are fully responsive, meaning they adapt to the screen size of any device, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Elfsight offers an extensive collection of widgets that cater to different needs and requirements. For instance, e-commerce websites can benefit from product carousels, while service-based businesses can make use of booking and appointment widgets. There are also widgets that help increase engagement on social media platforms or provide customers with instant support via chatbots.

Overall, Elfsight is a versatile platform that enables website owners to enhance their online presence by providing them with a vast selection of widgets that can be customized to suit their specific needs. This platform makes it easy for anyone to add advanced functionality to their website without having to rely on complicated coding or development processes.

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78,407 companies are currently using Elfsight


King Operating Corporatio..

experience the upside of ..

43 Employees$14K - $35K$73K united states ..94%Export

award-winning ar/xr and v..

17 Employees$11K - $5K$74K united states ..2%Export
Eclipse Foods

cowlessly creamy

26 Employees$46K - $6K$52K united states ..9%Export
The Class

the class is a transforma..

59 Employees$46K - $10K$63K united states ..7%Export
The Good Patch

hemp and plant-infused we..

20 Employees$26K - $49K$91K united states ..95%Export

the modern jewelry maker...

13 Employees$50K - $15K$79K germany41%Export

manage your customers in ..

32 Employees$23K - $31K$70K united states ..44%Export
Sky Organics

simple self-care made wit..

18 Employees$16K - $41K$79K united states ..95%Export

Lobos 1707 Tequila is an ..

30 Employees$16K - $23K$56K united states ..68%Export
The Cheeky Panda | Certif..

sustainable bamboo tissue..

42 Employees$36K - $19K$75K united kingdom..18%Export

enabling easy and sustain..

48 Employees$21K - $28K$83K netherlands23%Export
iLink Resources, Inc.

our mission is to bring g..

28 Employees$19K - $16K$73K united states ..39%Export

ever-boarding people at t..

27 Employees$30K - $47K$71K united states ..10%Export

the only digital twin mat..

44 Employees$2K - $44K$52K united states ..94%Export
Diamond Kinetics

get better & have more fu..

46 Employees$36K - $9K$52K united states ..34%Export

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Using Elfsight for finding leads

The list of companies using Elfsight holds immense value for sales teams trying to locate prospective leads. Empowered by over 70 customizable widgets, Elfsight is a favorable choice for diverse businesses looking to enhance their websites with powerful features, increasing the scope of potential leads for sales personnel.

This comprehensive list represents a gold mine for targeted prospecting. Since Elfsight is favored by various industries, the list is a blend of leads across different verticals. Be it eCommerce stores looking to add review widgets, or corporate sites wanting to embed social feeds, the application of Elfsight is vast, thereby creating an eclectic mix of potential leads.

By examining each company in the Elfsight users list, sales teams can gain insights into the specific business needs that drive the use of such a platform. These insights can be instrumental in formulating personalized pitches, focusing on how their product or service can complement or enhance the current solutions the prospect is using.

The list also offers potential indicators to gauge the software readiness of a lead. Businesses using Elfsight show a willingness to leverage technological solutions to augment their web presence. Identifying such businesses could be crucial in finding leads more inclined to adapt to new solutions proposed by the sales teams, thereby increasing success rates.

The transversal nature of Elfsight assures a broad spectrum of potential leads. As businesses endeavor to strengthen their online presence and functionality, the demand for robust solutions like Elfsight continues to rise in a myriad of sectors. Being privy to the list of these businesses helps sales teams initiate relevant conversations, enhances their prospecting process, and significantly improves their lead quality and quantity.

Consequently, sales teams looking to maximize their lead generation efficiency and effectiveness should consider this list of Elfsight users an indispensable resource.

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