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Community Funded is an online platform that provides digital fundraising and engagement services. It helps organizations to raise funds and engage with their communities through different campaigns and initiatives. The platform offers various features, including customizable donation pages, social media integration, crowdfunding tools, event registration, and volunteer management.

Community Funded aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for both organizations and donors. With its easy-to-use interface, users can create and manage campaigns quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the platform offers various engagement tools to help organizations build relationships with their supporters and keep them updated on their progress.

One of the unique features of Community Funded is its emphasis on community-building. The platform enables organizations to connect with their supporters and foster a sense of belonging around shared goals and values. This is achieved through customized communication, targeted outreach, and interactive engagement tools.

Overall, Community Funded is a powerful tool for non-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations looking to fundraise and build a strong, engaged community. Its user-friendly interface, flexible features, and emphasis on community-building make it an excellent choice for those looking to launch successful fundraising campaigns and cultivate lasting relationships with their supporters.

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71 companies are currently using Community Funded


Phi Delta Theta Fraternit..

become the greatest versi..

653 Employees$45K - $15K$58K united states ..24%Export
University of California,..

going to great lengths. r..

9,003 Employees$27K - $7K$85K united states ..65%Export
Delta Upsilon Internation..

our mission is building b..

207 Employees$13K - $22K$60K united states ..92%Export
UCR School of Business

fastest rising university..

92 Employees$47K - $31K$53K united states ..79%Export
jacksonville women's busi..

dedicated to expanding th..

4 Employees$1K - $30K$64K united states ..61%Export
Associated Students of th..

64 Employees$36K - $43K$94K united states ..99%Export
UCR Associated Students P..

enjoy, enhance, entertain..

37 Employees$24K - $38K$98K united states ..14%Export
Billings Catholic Schools..

faith, family spirit, aca..

47 Employees$7K - $41K$83K united states ..59%Export
Highlander Gaming

13 Employees$36K - $39K$66K united states ..67%Export
Asian Pacific Student Pro..

3 Employees$45K - $8K$56K united states ..72%Export

38 Employees$30K - $39K$68K united states ..62%Export
UCR Beta Alpha Psi

3 Employees$43K - $34K$69K united states ..90%Export
the ecocar team at uc riv..

official page for the uc ..

4 Employees$18K - $34K$57K united states ..14%Export
Phi Delta Theta Fraternit..

become the greatest versi..

3 Employees$42K - $31K$64K united states ..45%Export
Phi Delta Theta - Indiana..

indiana gamma chapter of ..

3 Employees$32K - $30K$78K united states ..28%Export

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This list of companies using Community Funded provides extensive value due to its scope, diversity, and potential for sales teams. It's much more than a mere directory; it's a data-driven, strategic path to potential leads who are invested in digital fundraising and engagement platforms.

The inherent value lies in the type of companies that use Community Funded. These firms have acknowledged the rising importance of digital platforms in their fundraising and engagement activities. The tool is popular with fundraising agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and various social communities. Each organization on the list highlights the existence of a possible market for related services and products.

For strategic lead prospecting, the specified list can be instrumental. It conveys granular information about a set of advanced, tech-savvy organizations that value modern solutions. This data, in turn, can help sales teams identify lucrative leads who would likely be interested in their offerings.

Moreover, this list serves as a guide for sales teams to tailor their pitches based on the kind of organizations using the Community Funded platform. By leveraging this information, sales teams can outline common pain points such companies might face, offering solutions in line with their operational needs, thereby enhancing the likelihood of conversions.

Lastly, understanding why companies opt for Community Funded can present valuable insights. Sales teams can discern unique selling points that convinced these firms to select Community Funded and how those might intersect with their own product or service features. By concentrating on these aspects, sales representatives can advocate for their offerings more accurately and effectively.

To sum up, the list is more than a database of company names; it's a strategic tool that can aid sales teams in accurately pinpointing potential leads, refining their sales pitches, and ultimately firing up their conversion rates.

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