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Neon CRM is a cloud-based software suite designed specifically for non-profit organizations of all sizes to manage their customer relationships. The suite includes various applications such as fundraising management, donor management, membership management, event registration and management, custom reporting, and more.

The software aims to streamline organizational processes by providing a centralized platform for managing different aspects of non-profit operations. By centralizing data, the software enables non-profits to easily track donors, members, and other stakeholders, and to analyze their interactions with the organization over time.

Neon CRM also provides analytical tools that help non-profits understand their performance better. The customized reporting feature allows organizations to generate reports based on their specific metrics and KPIs. Additionally, the software integrates with other tools and services essential for non-profits, including email marketing platforms and payment gateways, allowing for seamless workflows.

Overall, Neon CRM is a comprehensive CRM solution that helps non-profit organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. With its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and proven track record of success, the software has become a go-to solution for many non-profit organizations looking to optimize their operations.

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2,320 companies are currently using Neon CRM


New York Youth Symphony

educating the next genera..

42 Employees$21K - $28K$57K united states ..65%Export
Citizens'​ Housing and Pl..

increasing affordable hou..

27 Employees$31K - $8K$81K united states ..20%Export
Share My Meals Inc.

save a meal - feed a fami..

18 Employees$15K - $46K$50K united states ..51%Export
PCs for People

affordable computers & lo..

141 Employees$46K - $24K$62K united states ..70%Export
National Park Trust

we preserve parks today a..

26 Employees$14K - $23K$76K united states ..67%Export
The LGBTQ Center of South..

the largest lgbtq organiz..

31 Employees$19K - $17K$77K united states ..98%Export
Islands of Brilliance

pioneering the use of art..

20 Employees$4K - $28K$91K united states ..41%Export
Gold House

the leading cultural ecos..

196 Employees$39K - $30K$76K united states ..50%Export
Creative Art Works

equip. connect. inspire.

60 Employees$4K - $26K$52K united states ..96%Export
The Children's Partnershi..

tcp is a ca advocacy orga..

36 Employees$17K - $45K$53K united states ..66%Export
Leadership Greater Hartfo..

community. leadership. co..

18 Employees$32K - $22K$60K united states ..64%Export
Event Safety Alliance

dedicated to teaching & p..

12 Employees$26K - $8K$66K united states ..15%Export

we strive to end poverty ..

38 Employees$50K - $43K$63K united states ..40%Export
Downtown San Diego Partne..

promoting an economically..

66 Employees$49K - $3K$65K united states ..6%Export
Gloria Gemma Breast Cance..

we are here to support al..

16 Employees$33K - $41K$99K united states ..30%Export

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Using Neon CRM for finding leads

The curated list of companies utilizing Neon CRM offers notable value to sales teams in significant ways. Since Neon CRM is a highly specialized tool beneficial for non-profit organizations, the list can serve as a starting point for B2B providers offering complementary services or products. Products can range from digital marketing solutions to IT needs, corporate training, or even financial advisory services aimed at non-profit organizations.

From the perspective of lead prospecting, these companies are potential customers that understand and appreciate sophisticated software tools. By virtue of using Neon CRM, it can be inferred that these organizations possess a level of technical acumen, and they are possibly open to adopting other advanced tech solutions.

The list can provide potential high-quality leads for sales representatives. By already knowing these companies' willingness to invest in effective digital solutions like Neon CRM, sales teams can customize their pitches to emphasize how their offerings can integrate or enhance their current CRM functionalities. Furthermore, this knowledge allows them to showcase how their products or services are best suited to a company that prioritizes member engagement and donor management.

Ultimately, this list is an efficient, time-saving resource with a twofold purpose. It not only shortlists potential leads but also offers valuable insights about the leads' operational characteristics, facilitating more strategic and effective outreach by the respective sales teams.

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