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Companies using Network for Good

Network for Good is a certified B Corporation software company based in the United States that provides fundraising software and coaching services to non-profit organizations and charities. They offer an online donation platform, which enables charities to receive donations through their website, social media pages, and email campaigns. The software also includes tools for managing donor relationships, tracking donations, and creating reports. Network for Good's coaching services help non-profits to improve their fundraising strategies, develop effective communication plans, and build strong donor relationships. The company's mission is to help nonprofits to achieve more good by providing them with powerful tools and resources to raise funds and engage their supporters.

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4,821 companies are currently using Network for Good


Boathouse Capital

flexible capital for your..

24 Employees$14K - $8K$76K united states ..40%Export
Mujeres Latinas en Acción..

empowering latinas and th..

91 Employees$15K - $16K$65K united states ..67%Export
National Association for ..

nalcab strengthens the ec..

44 Employees$43K - $25K$68K united states ..10%Export
Mid Atlantic Arts

mid atlantic arts is a no..

31 Employees$26K - $16K$53K united states ..8%Export
Washington Area Community..

increasing equity and eco..

39 Employees$4K - $9K$54K united states ..1%Export

growing thriving communit..

73 Employees$26K - $8K$70K united states ..58%Export
Touch, The Black Breast C..

eradicating black breast ..

12 Employees$47K - $49K$88K united states ..43%Export
Community Ventures

community ventures streng..

63 Employees$29K - $5K$66K united states ..57%Export
Chicago CRED

cred's mission is to achi..

73 Employees$6K - $31K$83K united states ..46%Export
Pacific Institute

the pacific institute cre..

89 Employees$45K - $24K$52K united states ..8%Export
Venture Outdoors

inspire. educate. equip. ..

63 Employees$19K - $13K$59K united states ..65%Export
Financial Services Volunt..

59 Employees$44K - $15K$76K united states ..20%Export
Collegiate Directions, In..

cdi provides 6+ years of ..

27 Employees$35K - $17K$57K united states ..9%Export
Young Concert Artists, In..

searching broadly to disc..

23 Employees$22K - $7K$85K united states ..30%Export
Qualitas of Life Foundati..

non-profit organization t..

29 Employees$17K - $41K$51K united states ..87%Export

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Using Network for Good for finding leads

The list of companies using Network for Good is a goldmine for sales teams searching for leads. Network for Good, a certified B Corporation software company, provides fundraising software and coaching for charities and non-profit organisations. As such, this list constitutes a wealth of potential lead sources.

Features of this list provide numerous benefits to sales teams related to lead prospecting.

  1. Extensive database: The list consists of various charities and non-profit organisations making use of Network for Good's services. This broad usage suggests a wide coverage of different industry sectors and organisation sizes, offering numerous prospective customers for sales teams.

  2. Lead qualification: Companies on the list are already demonstrating a clear need for technology solutions related to fundraising and coaching, making them highly qualified leads. Sales teams can approach these companies with tailored solutions knowing that there is an existing demand.

  3. Competitive edge: This list can facilitate a competitive edge by understanding and capitalising on the needs existing in the non-profit sector. By knowing their pain points and the solutions they currently use, sales teams can design and pitch offerings that are not only competitive but also more relevant and valuable to the prospective clients.

  4. Increased efficiency: With the list at hand, sales teams can avoid wasted efforts targeting companies that don't require these specific services. This can dramatically increase efficiency, and thereby productivity, in the lead generation process.

One must view this list as a strategic tool to enable well-targeted, efficient sales prospecting in the charity and non-profit sector. With richly detailed information about potential leads, sales teams can effectively strategise, customise their offers, and increase success rates. A careful study of this list will guide the sales teams towards more rewarding interactions with their leads, maximising their potential for successful conversions.

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