Companies using Classy

Classy is an online fundraising platform that allows individuals and organizations to create donation pages, manage fundraising campaigns, and collect donations. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating and customizing donation pages and enables fundraisers to accept donations via credit card, PayPal, and other payment methods. Classy also provides tools for tracking donations, communicating with donors, and analyzing campaign performance. The platform supports peer-to-peer fundraising, event fundraising, and recurring donations. Through Classy, nonprofits can reach a wider audience and increase their impact by leveraging social media and email marketing. Additionally, Classy offers resources and educational materials to help nonprofits optimize their fundraising strategies and engage with their supporters. Overall, Classy simplifies the fundraising process and empowers nonprofits to make a difference in their communities.

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2,125 companies are currently using Classy


Bob Woodruff Foundation

we ensure our nation’s ve..

43 Employees$35K - $30K$88K united states ..20%Export
Up2Us Sports

up2us sports'​ mission is..

98 Employees$44K - $34K$85K united states ..9%Export

liftfund is a small busin..

126 Employees$18K - $36K$96K united states ..65%Export

fighting stigmas. advanci..

82 Employees$37K - $13K$63K united states ..53%Export
Feeding San Diego

on a mission to connect e..

76 Employees$34K - $9K$56K united states ..25%Export
Greentown Labs

the largest climatetech s..

115 Employees$42K - $28K$57K united states ..64%Export
Melanoma Research Allianc..

the largest non-profit fu..

24 Employees$4K - $36K$88K united states ..20%Export
Second Wind Dreams

changing the perception o..

42 Employees$40K - $10K$97K united states ..35%Export
Latinos Progresando

family. community. progre..

49 Employees$42K - $35K$57K united states ..34%Export
Inner-City Arts

empowering los angeles ch..

83 Employees$19K - $22K$51K united states ..68%Export
Galveston Bay Foundation

guardian of galveston bay..

49 Employees$4K - $10K$60K united states ..69%Export
Chicago Scholars

working towards a vibrant..

210 Employees$19K - $20K$89K united states ..99%Export
The Mission Continues

we empower veterans adjus..

173 Employees$16K - $25K$64K united states ..16%Export
Guitars Over Guns

our mission is to empower..

55 Employees$28K - $14K$54K united states ..43%Export
Atrium Health Foundation

46 Employees$11K - $43K$98K united states ..92%Export

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Using Classy for finding leads

This compilation of companies using the Classy platform provides a valuable prospecting tool for sales teams. It represents a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations with a proven interest in fundraising technology.

Navigating this list can serve as a springboard for lead generation, facilitating targeted outreach by sales professionals. The organizations featured here are already aware of the importance of online fundraising, indicating a likelihood that they're open to further enhancements or related tools in this realm. Sales teams involved in offering complementary technologies, consulting services, or sector-specific solutions will find this resource particularly useful.

The list also enables the identification of patterns that could inform sales strategies. For instance, by focusing on sectors where Classy usage is high, teams can tailor pitches and target markets more intelligently. Similarly, learning which types of businesses frequently use Classy might unveil new verticals that were not previously considered.

The nature of the Classy platform further implies that these companies likely prioritize social responsibility and philanthropy. For sales teams in the sustainability, non-profit, or corporate social responsibility sectors, this offers a significant advantage.

Crafting well-informed, personalized pitches based on the information gathered from such a list can dramatically increase the chances of successful sales engagement. Therefore, this list of Classy users provides a conducing path towards finding prospective leads in the world of online fundraising and beyond.

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