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Duda is a web design platform that specializes in providing tools and services to companies that offer web design services. It allows businesses to create responsive websites quickly and easily, with a range of customizable templates and drag-and-drop functionality. The platform also offers advanced features such as e-commerce integration, site personalization, and SEO optimization.

One of the key benefits of using Duda is its flexibility. Companies can use it to build websites for a variety of industries, from restaurants and retail stores to professional services and real estate. The platform's intuitive interface makes it easy for designers to create visually appealing sites without needing extensive coding knowledge. Additionally, Duda's customer management system helps businesses keep track of client projects, manage billing, and communicate with clients efficiently.

Duda also provides a range of value-added services, such as white-labeling options that enable businesses to brand the platform under their own name. This enables web design agencies to offer a more comprehensive service to their clients while maintaining their own identity.

In summary, Duda is a powerful web design platform that offers a range of features and services tailored to the needs of web design companies. Its user-friendly interface, customization options, and value-added services make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to provide high-quality web design services to their clients.

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174,911 companies are currently using Duda



holibob makes it easy for..

53 Employees$46K - $16K$75K united kingdom..76%Export
HealthyU Clinics

managing your health has ..

48 Employees$4K - $41K$56K united states ..20%Export

serving hospitality opera..

102 Employees$18K - $26K$98K united states ..11%Export
The Purpose Summit

purpose summit 2024 | apr..

4 Employees$38K - $33K$91K united states ..11%Export

accompagnons votre transf..

35 Employees$8K - $6K$95K france86%Export

build amazing websites wi..

379 Employees$18K - $17K$82K united states ..46%Export
Boxtree - Lets Talk Growt..

an independent consultanc..

10 Employees$36K - $42K$77K united kingdom..69%Export
CS Academy

somos uma escola que form..

60 Employees$49K - $2K$76K brazil2%Export
Megatel Homes

building homes. building ..

186 Employees$3K - $10K$75K united states ..59%Export
Crimson Panda

a customer-first recruitm..

6 Employees$36K - $41K$78K united kingdom..71%Export
Accelerated Adjusting LLC..

today's business, today!™..

13 Employees$17K - $50K$79K united states ..55%Export

data dashboards, without ..

19 Employees$23K - $38K$85K united states ..98%Export

helping uk charities laun..

7 Employees$44K - $9K$74K united kingdom..21%Export
Exyte Hargreaves

bringing the future of te..

179 Employees$34K - $1K$67K united kingdom..65%Export

is a strategic digital & ..

17 Employees$36K - $34K$51K united states ..20%Export

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Using Duda for finding leads

A comprehensive list of companies employing Duda technology can be an invaluable asset to a sales team. This distinct group represents a set of businesses that prioritize user-friendly, responsive web design and strive to use modern technology to enhance their online reach. Such a list could provide targeted prospects, ensuring that sales efforts are more precise and effective.

The value stemming from this list comes from its focus on firms that effectively use Duda for their digital space. These companies, irrespective of their sector, have shown an appreciation for design-forward, user-friendly solutions. Hence, any business offering related products or services like SEO, marketing automation, UX design, web analytics, or even web security could potentially find highly relevant leads from this list.

Moreover, it provides insight into the company's tech stack and, implicitly, their business priorities. If a firm is using Duda, it signals their intention to create a highly responsive, mobile-friendly user experience, hinting at a likely openness to other technologies that complement or enhance these features.

Lastly, the list can act as a time saver and efficiency booster. Instead of amassing a generic list of companies that may or may not have an interest in related services, sales teams can utilize this list to effectively focus their efforts, reducing time wasted on less promising leads. Knowing that these firms already utilize a platform like Duda allows for more personalized and relevant sales approaches. As such, the list can significantly increase the chances of lead conversion and the overall productivity of the sales team.

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