Blackbaud CRM
Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud CRM is a platform that combines various tools used for fundraising, online applications, prospect research and analytics, and multichannel direct marketing. It is designed to help organizations manage their constituent relationships and enhance their engagement with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. With Blackbaud CRM, organizations can streamline their operations by consolidating all these activities into one platform. This allows them to gain a better understanding of their constituents' needs and preferences, which can help them tailor their outreach efforts for increased efficacy. Overall, Blackbaud CRM makes it easier for organizations to manage their fundraising efforts, track progress, and analyze data to improve their performance.

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154 Companies using Blackbaud CRM


dream homes across europe..

2$36K - $9K$93K netherlands36%
Academy of the Holy Angel..

women leaders begin here...

90$35K - $2K$56K united states ..74%
AFE Distribution

appliances for businesses..

6$36K - $11K$68K united kingdom..61%
imua health group

moving health forward.

12$29K - $11K$58K united states ..83%
Woodland Park Zoo

woodland park zoo saves w..

430$40K - $25K$173K united states ..83%
UMMS Foundation

Advance health care excel..

-$41K - $16K$76K united states ..91%

abstract empowers develop..

7$23K - $37K$290K united states ..35%
Chicagoland Habitat for H..

our vision is a world whe..

12$10K - $23K$10K united states ..85%
Second Harvest Food Bank ..

fighting hunger, feeding ..

127$6K - $26K$60K united states ..77%
California Hospital Medic..

raising philanthropic sup..

25$45K - $23K$0 united states ..28%
Rheumatology Research Fou..

The largest private-fundi..

18$34K - $27K$69K united states ..75%

hope, homes, and healing

223$41K - $23K$93K united states ..72%
Museum of Tolerance

challenges visitors to un..

65$38K - $6K$90K united states ..67%
The Kean University Found..

the kean university found..

10$29K - $36K$5K united states ..60%
Houston Community College..

21$2K - $5K$14K united states ..42%

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How to use Blackbaud CRM

Blackbaud CRM is a powerful tool that can help you manage various aspects of your nonprofit organization, from fundraising to prospect research and marketing. Here are some ways in which you can use Blackbaud CRM:

  1. Fundraising: Blackbaud CRM offers robust fundraising capabilities, including donor management, gift processing, event management, and more. You can use the platform to track donations and pledges, generate reports, and segment donors based on various criteria such as giving history, interests, and demographics.

  2. Online Applications: With Blackbaud CRM, you can create customized online applications for various purposes such as event registration, volunteer sign-ups, and grant application submissions. The platform also allows you to track application statuses, send automatic reminders, and generate reports.

  3. Prospect Research and Analytics: Blackbaud CRM provides actionable insights into your donors and prospects through its analytics and research features. You can use the platform to identify potential major donors, analyze giving patterns, and track engagement metrics such as email opens and clicks.

  4. Multichannel Direct Marketing: Blackbaud CRM enables you to create personalized, multichannel marketing campaigns that can include emails, direct mail, social media, and more. You can use the platform to segment your audience based on various criteria and track campaign performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Overall, Blackbaud CRM can help you streamline various processes within your nonprofit organization and improve your fundraising and marketing efforts. By leveraging its features, you can gain valuable insights into your donors and prospects, personalize your outreach, and ultimately drive more revenue for your cause.

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