Click & Pledge
Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is a digital fundraising platform that provides an all-in-one solution for online donations. It enables non-profit organizations to create customizable donation pages and accept various payment methods, such as credit cards and e-checks. The platform also offers features such as peer-to-peer fundraising, event management, and donor management tools. Click & Pledge aims to simplify the fundraising process by providing a comprehensive platform that reduces the need for multiple tools or services. Additionally, it provides integrations with other popular platforms such as Salesforce and WordPress. Overall, Click & Pledge is a convenient and efficient option for non-profits looking to streamline their fundraising efforts and improve engagement with donors.

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509 Companies using Click & Pledge

Dairy Farmers of America

farmer-owned, we are focu..

7,274$24K - $15K$167K united states ..79%
Click & Pledge®

The most-comprehensive fu..

45$36K - $45K$74K united states ..82%
Sacramento News & Review

sacramento's source for l..

42$26K - $29K$89K united states ..86%
News & Review

78$10K - $16K$61K united states ..86%
Four Season Farm

real farming, real food

6$34K - $16K$4K united states ..89%
Elite Maids RVA

Tidying Up Richmond One H..

1$16K - $7K$1K united states ..9%
GiGi's Playhouse New Orle..

Changing the way the worl..

1$15K - $50K$80K united states ..33%
KEYS Service Corps AmeriC..

14$35K - $13K$97K united states ..53%
WRISE Houston

Changing our energy futur..

-$47K - $10K$14K united states ..40%
Middlesex Duil Program

8$47K - $47K$5K united states ..82%
Smoc Behavioral Health

10$50K - $15K$56K united states ..60%
Roanoke Catholic School

44$29K - $23K$100K united states ..48%
WRISE Ontario

We are the WRISE chapter ..

-$22K - $36K$14K canada97%
Philadelphia Student Unio..

5$19K - $7K$59K united states ..40%
Agape Development

Transforming our neighbor..

18$37K - $40K$56K united states ..80%

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How to use Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is an all-in-one digital fundraising platform that allows you to fundraise and accept donations online. Here are the steps to use Click & Pledge:

  1. Create an account: To start using Click & Pledge, you need to create an account by visiting their website and signing up.

  2. Set up your campaign: After creating an account, you can set up your fundraising campaign by selecting the type of fundraising you want to do, setting a goal, and creating the campaign page.

  3. Customize your campaign page: You can customize your campaign page by adding images, videos, and other content to make it more engaging for donors.

  4. Start accepting donations: Once your campaign page is set up and customized, you can start accepting donations from your donors. Click & Pledge supports various payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.

  5. Track your progress: Click & Pledge provides real-time reporting and analytics so you can track your fundraising progress, monitor donations and campaign performance.

  6. Engage with Donors: You can engage with donors through personalized emails, thank-you messages, and social media posts to show appreciation for their contributions and keep them updated on the campaign's progress.

In summary, Click & Pledge is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies your fundraising efforts by providing all the tools needed to launch and manage a successful campaign. With its powerful features and customizable options, Click & Pledge enables you to maximize your fundraising potential and achieve your goals.

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