Companies using Ko-fi


Ko-fi is an online platform that allows content creators to receive financial support from their fans, followers or customers. It provides a simple way for creators to accept donations or payments for their creative work, without the need for complicated e-commerce solutions. Creators can set up a free account on Ko-fi and create a "page" where they can showcase their work, share updates, and receive donations or payments via PayPal. Ko-fi also offers various tools and features to help creators engage with their supporters, such as shoutouts, messaging, and goal-setting. Overall, Ko-fi provides a convenient and user-friendly way for creators to monetize their work and connect with their community of supporters.

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1,171 companies are currently using Ko-fi


Design Buddies

meet other designers, lev..

60 Employees$48K - $36K$62K united states ..100%Export
Baltic Centre for Contemp..

outstanding, experimental..

86 Employees$28K - $9K$66K united kingdom..98%Export

an internet intelligence ..

10 Employees$20K - $48K$78K germany95%Export

future beats, eclectic so..

18 Employees$24K - $42K$56K united states ..80%Export
Elmwood Productions

elmwood productions is yo..

3 Employees$26K - $18K$55K united states ..26%Export
Lantana Games

delight. inspire. innovat..

3 Employees$28K - $36K$88K united states ..4%Export
Moonshot Pirates

global movement of young ..

47 Employees$33K - $33K$67K austria15%Export
Seoul Therapy

the international hub for..

14 Employees$41K - $14K$55K united kingdom..67%Export
Cambridge University Spac..

student society at the un..

23 Employees$31K - $28K$89K united kingdom..89%Export
in the lab product manage..

the hands-on product mana..

30 Employees$13K - $15K$80K united states ..30%Export
Ideas for Leaders

ideas to discuss; discuss..

1 Employees$26K - $37K$75K united kingdom..97%Export
Shetland Pony Club

small ponies...big dreams..

6 Employees$19K - $33K$82K united kingdom..2%Export
Liquid Legal Institute e...

the liquid legal institut..

20 Employees$18K - $34K$82K germany48%Export
The Writer's Workout

we can help you be a bett..

8 Employees$42K - $25K$87K united states ..21%Export
International Cargo Bike ..

/// 🗓️ oct 25-26 2024 /..

3 Employees$43K - $50K$98K netherlands93%Export

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Using Ko-fi for finding leads

This list of companies using Ko-fi provides a unique opportunity for sales teams aiming to connect with organizations centered around content creation and fan-based revenue models. The value lies in the trustworthy nature of the businesses listed who heavily utilize the Ko-fi platform.

By targeting such companies, sales teams have the potential to find leads that understand the importance of fan-based funding and have likely seen success from this method of operation. These might include artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, and digital creators of all kinds - an entire array of potential clients that could be interested in products or services related to content creation, fan engagement, or online monetization.

Understanding which organizations utilize Ko-fi can provide valuable insights into future sales strategy planning. It can shed light on industry trends, and reveal the investment preferences of listed companies in the realm of content creation and fan-based funding. This knowledge can be instrumental in crafting personalized outreach strategies and sales pitches.

Additionally, it's worth noting that businesses present on this list are already investing in their digital presence, and are likely to be open to services and products that can enhance their online functionality, visibility, and revenue generation capacities.

With the list of companies using Ko-fi, sales teams can develop strategic prospecting efforts, saving precious time and resources while propelling their businesses forward faster.

The potential for discovering quality leads is particularly high since the list contains organizations willing to explore and invest in innovative content revenue models like Ko-fi.

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