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Virtuous is a fundraising software platform that is designed to be responsive, meaning it can adapt to different devices and screen sizes. It helps organizations manage their fundraising efforts by streamlining processes such as donor management, gift processing, and communication with supporters. Virtuous also includes features such as marketing automation and analytics to help nonprofits optimize their fundraising strategies. With Virtuous, organizations can create targeted campaigns and track results in real-time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to improve their fundraising efforts. Overall, Virtuous aims to simplify the fundraising process for nonprofits and help them build stronger relationships with their donors.

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407 companies are currently using Virtuous


Chicanos Por La Causa, In..

we drive economic and pol..

687 Employees$37K - $41K$50K united states ..28%Export
Rainforest Trust

species - planet - people..

56 Employees$4K - $1K$68K united states ..29%Export
DePelchin Children's Cent..

a brighter tomorrow for c..

291 Employees$22K - $15K$97K united states ..66%Export
Local First Arizona

we are here to strengthen..

82 Employees$18K - $14K$62K united states ..48%Export
Clubhouse International

creating community: chang..

46 Employees$25K - $43K$80K united states ..48%Export
Hustle PHX

let the hustlers hustle f..

21 Employees$29K - $3K$80K united states ..31%Export
Siloam Health

health care transformed b..

68 Employees$9K - $7K$61K united states ..85%Export
The AbleGamers Charity


23 Employees$48K - $20K$100K united states ..46%Export
Breakthrough Central Texa..

breakthrough central texa..

101 Employees$42K - $26K$81K united states ..18%Export
The House Institute Found..

we have a threefold missi..

29 Employees$29K - $22K$77K united states ..34%Export
OCEAN Programs

we launch healthy founder..

15 Employees$7K - $38K$54K united states ..52%Export
The Child Center of NY

strengthening family. bui..

694 Employees$44K - $18K$53K united states ..85%Export
Austin Pets Alive!

helping people help pets...

217 Employees$18K - $19K$91K united states ..35%Export
Fugees Family, Inc.

advancing educational jus..

28 Employees$23K - $14K$86K united states ..53%Export
Maine Organic Farmers and..

building a healthy and fa..

22 Employees$39K - $47K$83K united states ..100%Export

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Using Virtuous for finding leads

The page displaying a list of companies using Virtuous provides an invaluable resource for sales teams looking to discover potential leads. This curated list offers insights into a diverse group of organizations that share a common interest, showcasing their engagement with the responsive fundraising software platform, Virtuous.

This collection of businesses has already demonstrated a proclivity for leveraging advanced software solutions in their operations. They understand and appreciate the values of automation, data analysis, and personalized engagement tools. As a result, these firms may be more open to other innovative solutions that can further optimize their operations, presenting potential opportunities for sales.

Moreover, the depth and breadth of organizations on display are an indicator of the broad applicability of technology solutions across industries, company sizes, and sectors. This can guide sales representatives in understanding target market segments, enabling them to strategize and refine their sales pitches accordingly.

Understanding how these organizations are utilizing Virtuous may also provide insights into their operational challenges and overall company strategy. Sales teams familiar with this context can adapt their business proposals to express how their offerings dovetail with the company's current technology suite, solving problems and filling technology gaps.

The list may also reveal subsequent opportunities. For example, affiliates, partners or clients of the companies listed may also be primed for similar technology needs or direction. Therefore, the list can be a launchpad to a potentially wider network of leads.

Overall, the list of companies using Virtuous helps sales teams by offering insights into the technology adoption trends, showing the possible opportunities for new leads, and demonstrating the broad potential of their software solutions, which can enhance their own sales strategies and outcomes.

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