AlumnIQ is a comprehensive suite of services that assists in managing various aspects of alumni relations. It includes tools to manage events, donations, email campaigns, volunteers, class agents, and more. These services are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the database of record, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and organized efficiently. With AlumnIQ, organizations can easily track and engage with their alumni community, thereby building stronger relationships.

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19 Companies using AlumnIQ

GPED, Vanderbilt Universi..


-$21K - $34K$104K united states ..53%

5$47K - $29K$56K united states ..90%
Vanderbilt Sports Propert..

Vanderbilt Sports Propert..

4$28K - $44K$92K united states ..8%
Vanderbilt University Sch..

Vanderbilt celebrates div..

392$11K - $32K$54K united states ..90%
Vanderbilt University Sch..

Committed to excellence a..

251$45K - $39K$89K united states ..32%
Friends of Goodstay Garde..

2$13K - $48K$78K united states ..92%
Vanderbilt Brain Institut..

7$45K - $30K$80K united states ..90%
Warren Center for Neurosc..

A new model for Neuroscie..

101$16K - $2K$57K united states ..65%
Vanderbilt Medical Innova..

-$28K - $5K$59K united states ..90%
University of Alberta Eng..

7$19K - $25K$65K canada85%
Vanderbilt University Nur..

Preparing nurses to trans..

-$39K - $33K$99K united states ..38%
Memorial Gymnasium

3$22K - $7K$97K united states ..98%
Neely Auditorium

-$8K - $3K$104K united states ..9%
Augustana Campus

-$42K - $25K$81K canada71%
Vanderbilt Aerospace Desi..

12$9K - $31K$1K united states ..67%

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How to use AlumnIQ

AlumnIQ is a powerful tool that can help you manage several aspects of your institution's activities, including events, giving, email, volunteers, class agents, and more. To use AlumnIQ, you will need access to its services and an understanding of how they work.

First, you will need to input your database of record into AlumnIQ. This data will allow you to effectively manage your alumni relationships and better target your communications. Once your data is in place, you can start using the various tools offered by AlumnIQ to engage with your alumni community.

Events: You can use AlumnIQ's event management services to plan and execute events, from small-scale gatherings to large-scale reunions. You can easily track RSVPs, manage event logistics, and even collect payments through the platform.

Giving: AlumnIQ makes it easy for you to manage donations and fundraising campaigns. You can create customized giving pages for specific campaigns, track donor activity, and send targeted communications to donors.

Email: With AlumnIQ's email marketing tools, you can create and send targeted emails to your alumni community. You can segment your email lists based on various criteria, such as class year or geographic location, and track open rates and click-throughs.

Volunteers: AlumnIQ can help you recruit and manage volunteers for various initiatives, such as mentoring programs or career fairs. You can easily communicate with volunteers, track their activity, and recognize their contributions.

Class Agents: AlumnIQ also offers specialized tools for class agents, who serve as liaisons between your institution and specific graduating classes. Class agents can use AlumnIQ to plan class reunions, manage communication with classmates, and update their contact information.

Overall, AlumnIQ provides a comprehensive solution for managing your institution's alumni engagement efforts. By using its various services, you can build stronger relationships with your alumni community, increase participation in events and giving campaigns, and ultimately drive greater impact for your institution.

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