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Zmags Creator is a tool that empowers marketers to create interactive digital experiences without requiring coding skills. With Zmags Creator, marketers can design and publish a variety of interactive content such as shoppable catalogs, lookbooks, digital magazines, and more. This software offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to customize the style, layout, and functionality of their digital experiences with ease. Marketers can utilize Zmags Creator to produce immersive content that engages audiences and drives conversions.

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197 companies are currently using Zmags Creator


Hotel Chocolat

our mission is to make pe..

1,358 Employees$28K - $16K$79K united kingdom..86%Export

the easy-to-use crm to sc..

10,385 Employees$31K - $13K$90K united states ..18%Export
The Paper Store

celebrating all of life's..

959 Employees$6K - $16K$57K united states ..44%Export

beautifully handcrafted f..

160 Employees$27K - $8K$58K united kingdom..7%Export

we design luggage, backpa..

673 Employees$47K - $36K$66K belgium93%Export
Turn5, Inc.

296 Employees$46K - $30K$93K united states ..42%Export
Star Furniture

we make it easy to get th..

483 Employees$5K - $24K$100K united states ..96%Export
Armstrong McCall of North..

23 Employees$42K - $44K$50K united states ..7%Export
Godiva Chocolatier

GODIVA Chocolatier is the..

1,874 Employees$5K - $16K$76K united states ..100%Export
W.S. Badcock Corporation

just right

727 Employees$2K - $21K$57K united states ..97%Export

161 Employees$47K - $12K$66K united kingdom..70%Export
Baylis & Harding

affordable luxury

74 Employees$19K - $38K$73K united kingdom..52%Export
TTS Resources

giving every child, every..

127 Employees$36K - $38K$90K united kingdom..74%Export
Danny's Cycles

33 Employees$39K - $45K$80K united states ..
HubSpot Academy

we aim to educate and ins..

102 Employees$43K - $6K$81K united states ..77%Export

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Using Zmags Creator for finding leads

The selection of companies featured on this page presents an invaluable directory of businesses across sectors that leverage Zmags Creator. This diverse set of firms is defining and shaping the digital marketing landscape with groundbreaking interactive digital experiences, all without the need for extensive coding.

The worth of this list lies in its ability to provide key insights into businesses' technology choices and trends. Sales teams can harness this information effectively to steer their outreach efforts, focusing on organizations already familiar with and invested in Zmags Creator. Additionally, since these companies utilize the technology for marketing efforts, it's quite likely that they value innovation, improved user experiences, and digital adaptation, which sales professionals can use to tailor their pitch accordingly.

Furthermore, businesses listed are representative of a spectrum of industries, exposing opportunities in sections possibly previously overlooked. The leads discovered through this list are qualified in their appreciation for advanced digital marketing solutions as they're already using Zmags Creator to develop sophisticated campaigns. Hence, they may be more open to exploring other technologies or services synergistic with their existing setup.

By comparing the company size, industry, and other business factors, sales representatives can spot patterns and trends, enabling them to remain a step ahead in lead generation and implement more efficient prospecting strategies.

In short, the list serves as an important strategic tool assisting sales teams in identifying potential leads, and understanding their technological stance and marketing approach to inform effective outreach strategies.

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