Companies using Frontify

Frontify is an all-in-one brand management platform that helps creators and collaborators manage their brand identity effortlessly. It is a cloud-based platform that allows users to streamline the process of creating, managing, and publishing brand assets such as logos, colors, typography, imagery, and more.

With Frontify, users can easily create a style guide that outlines the brand's visual language and guidelines. This helps ensure that everyone involved in the creation and promotion of the brand is on the same page and consistent with branding efforts. The platform also allows users to store all brand assets in one central location, making it easy to access and share with team members or external partners.

Additionally, Frontify offers advanced collaboration features that enable teams to work together seamlessly. Users can assign tasks to team members, leave comments, and receive real-time feedback. Moreover, the platform integrates with popular tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Slack, Trello, and more.

Overall, Frontify simplifies the entire process of managing a brand's identity, from creating a style guide to collaborating with team members. Its cloud-based approach makes it easy for teams to work remotely, and its intuitive interface ensures that users can get started without any prior design or technical knowledge.

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206 companies are currently using Frontify



empowering women of color..

27 Employees$4K - $40K$73K united states ..16%Export

elevate experience. drive..

205 Employees$9K - $34K$57K germany18%Export

redefining business mobil..

78 Employees$12K - $32K$85K germany43%Export

when testing is easy, dev..

115 Employees$33K - $39K$75K united states ..43%Export
Shift Paradigm

see the reflection of you..

213 Employees$3K - $17K$82K united states ..72%Export

the leading provider of a..

795 Employees$33K - $33K$58K united states ..17%Export
CoreMedia Portugal

elevate experience. drive..

39 Employees$35K - $3K$65K germany95%Export

north america’s top rated..

78 Employees$30K - $18K$97K canada84%Export
Digital Hub Denmark

doing digital differently..

16 Employees$6K - $9K$52K denmark77%Export

international advisory an..

163 Employees$16K - $13K$75K switzerland61%Export
Wreaths Across America

remember the fallen, hono..

106 Employees$48K - $44K$81K united states ..48%Export

bekonix is a next-generat..

13 Employees$18K - $38K$79K united states ..63%Export
Prime Executive AS

executive search and recr..

12 Employees$14K - $9K$97K norway7%Export

expanding the ocean energ..

54 Employees$6K - $26K$84K sweden87%Export

facility managers improve..

993 Employees$23K - $18K$67K united states ..60%Export

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Using Frontify for finding leads

This collection features an extensive list of companies actively utilizing the Frontify brand management platform. Given the platform's cloud-based nature and its focus on brand creation and collaboration, it can be inferred that the listed companies possess a substantial degree of digital maturity and have a keen interest in maintaining a strong, consistent brand.

The value in this list lies in the insights that sales teams can derive from these companies. It presents an opportunity to engage with leads that have demonstrated a commitment to effective brand management. These companies are likely to be looking for additional ways to leverage technology to further amplify their branding, create efficiencies, or solve related problems.

Sales teams can consider these companies as potential leads for their products or services, particularly if these are complementary to or can enhance the capabilities of Frontify. As a starting point, sales professionals can conduct in-depth research on each company, get to know the industry they operate in, and uncover pain points that their products or services can address. The information gathered can then be used to craft compelling sales pitches and strategies, thereby increasing the chances of securing a sale.

This list also offers a chance to map a company's competitive landscape. Understanding which companies in a given sector are investing in technologies like Frontify can provide key insights into current trends and future opportunities. This knowledge could be advantageous when developing and refining sales strategies.

In summary, this comprehensive list of companies using Frontify is a very valuable resource for sales teams, not only by identifying potential leads but also by providing insights that can assist in crafting tailored sales strategies.

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