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CoreMedia Content Cloud is a platform that provides agile content management and digital asset management capabilities. This technology enables businesses to drive their digital experiences, easily manage content and media assets, and deliver personalized, engaging, and consistent brand experiences across multiple channels. With CoreMedia Content Cloud, organizations can streamline their content creation, publishing, and distribution processes. The platform supports the creation of various types of digital content, including text, images, video, and audio. It also provides advanced features like workflow automation, version control, and metadata management, which enhance the efficiency and accuracy of content production. Furthermore, CoreMedia Content Cloud offers tools for integrating with other enterprise systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM), product information management (PIM), and eCommerce platforms. This integration helps organizations to synchronize their data and improve collaboration between teams, resulting in more efficient and effective digital experiences.

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356 companies are currently using CoreMedia Content Cloud



elevate experience. drive..

160 Employees$4K - $10K$86K germany27%Export

tailored for modern livin..

1,367 Employees$44K - $13K$99K united kingdom..72%Export

where extraordinary begin..

618 Employees$35K - $2K$83K united states ..18%Export

design for original homes..

284 Employees$36K - $37K$75K united kingdom..6%Export

bring your energy. play t..

20,793 Employees$45K - $15K$78K united kingdom..22%Export
DB International Operatio..

delivering excellence in ..

89 Employees$5K - $20K$100K germany82%Export
Sonepar USA

Global leader in B-to-B d..

7,167 Employees$9K - $12K$99K united states ..36%Export
DB Cargo Nederland N.V.

db cargo nederland n.v. i..

180 Employees$26K - $33K$96K netherlands21%Export
DB Management Consulting

du möchtest die verkehrsw..

122 Employees$8K - $8K$96K germany32%Export
Vidispine - an Arvato Sys..

maximize your media poten..

67 Employees$42K - $46K$63K germany41%Export

making mortgages easier

11 Employees$21K - $27K$53K ireland44%Export

our mission is to create ..

389 Employees$18K - $46K$61K germany14%Export
db bahnbau gruppe gmbh

wir bauen die starke schi..

192 Employees$49K - $16K$61K germany56%Export
Mainova AG

wir kümmern uns um ihre e..

794 Employees$25K - $31K$73K germany72%Export
Lipsy London

smart. sexy. glamorous. a..

378 Employees$30K - $9K$92K united kingdom..29%Export

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Using CoreMedia Content Cloud for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing CoreMedia Content Cloud offers significant value in the world of B2B lead generation. These companies have recognized the merits of a robust content management and digital asset management solution and are committed to using state-of-the-art technology to improve their operations. Therefore, they might be open to additional innovations that can further enhance their business performance.

For sales teams, this list becomes a goldmine of prospective clients. They can leverage it to identify companies that value technological advancements in content management, making them potential leads for complementary goods and services. Sales teams can customise their pitch to highlight how their offerings can integrate with or enhance the usage of CoreMedia Content Cloud.

Moreover, the list can act as a roadmap, highlighting industries more likely to adopt such technologies. Sales teams can study patterns in the sectors these companies belong to and approach similar organizations in these industries, using the information to forecast potential markets ripe for their product offering.

Lastly, understanding the size and scope of these companies can offer additional insights. Companies using CoreMedia Content Cloud likely range from SMEs to multinational organizations, showcasing the broad appeal of the technology. A diverse list can help sales teams rule in/out specific types of companies based on their product or service compatibility.

To sum up, a comprehensive list of companies using the CoreMedia Content Cloud can provide potent opportunities for sales teams to spot high-potential leads, understand industry preferences, and customize their pitches for greater success.


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