Companies using Celum


Celum is a software development company that focuses on creating digital asset management and marketing content management systems for businesses. Their solutions aim to help companies organize and manage their digital assets, such as images, videos, and documents. Celum's technology allows users to easily store, search, share and distribute branded content across multiple channels. Their platform provides features such as metadata management, version control, and workflow automation, which helps streamline the content creation process. Additionally, their solutions offer integrations with other systems such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, and Drupal. Overall, Celum's digital asset management and marketing content management systems are designed to help businesses improve their content workflows, increase efficiency, and enhance their brand presence.

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79 companies are currently using Celum


Hansgrohe North America

as part of the hansgrohe ..

92 Employees$40K - $50K$58K united states ..90%Export

1,131 Employees$30K - $2K$67K switzerland21%Export
Wieland Group

empowering success.

2,049 Employees$22K - $4K$78K germany81%Export
Hansgrohe Group

a leader in innovation, d..

1,862 Employees$6K - $20K$90K germany88%Export
Ophir-Spiricon LLC

55 Employees$1K - $31K$53K united states ..22%Export
Hansgrohe Belgium

subsidiary of the hansgro..

20 Employees$31K - $9K$96K belgium8%Export
Ophir Optics an MKS Brand..

global leader in thermal ..

146 Employees$18K - $10K$98K united states ..42%Export
Hansgrohe Polska

hansgrohe i axor to innow..

23 Employees$5K - $43K$76K poland5%Export
Remmers Italia Srl

prodotti per la verniciat..

13 Employees$20K - $20K$80K italy95%Export
Wieland Eucaro GmbH


17 Employees$36K - $7K$71K germany76%Export
Phonak Nederland

together we change lives

6 Employees$36K - $22K$58K switzerland79%Export
Ophir Photonics - An MKS ..

global leaders in precise..

195 Employees$21K - $14K$98K israel90%Export
Hansgrohe China-汉斯格雅中国

热情 合作 欣赏 信任

81 Employees$44K - $14K$98K spain3%Export
Hansgrohe France

filiale du groupe hansgro..

67 Employees$48K - $28K$52K france36%Export
Remmers BV

uw partner voor bouw- & h..

13 Employees$24K - $2K$84K belgium38%Export

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Using Celum for finding leads

The list of companies using Celum provides invaluable insights for sales teams looking to target businesses that value high-quality digital asset management and marketing content management systems. These companies are likely to be forward-thinking, valuing digital organization and efficiency, which could make them prime candidates for products or services that complement or enhance their existing systems.

The potential value of this curated list lies in a few key areas:

  1. Targeted Prospecting: The selection of businesses in this list already use a sophisticated tool for managing their digital assets. That aligns them with certain technological profiles and business needs, making them ideal targets for companies selling similar or complementary tools.
  2. Better Understanding Potential Clients: The fact these businesses use Celum suggests they have a need for organized, efficient digital workflows. Understanding this can help when pitching products or services to them as it provides a context for potential pain points and needs.
  3. Industry Influence: By reviewing the industries where Celum is widely used, sales teams can identify trends or potential growth industries for their own products or services related to digital asset management.
  4. Growth Opportunities: If a company values Celum's organizational capabilities, they might be open to other solutions that improve their efficiency and effectiveness. This could help new market entrants or niche vendors identify promising leads.

In summary, the list of companies using Celum can serve as a powerful roadmap for sales teams to navigate the complex landscape of leads, providing insight into potential new business and contributing to the overall effectiveness and success of their prospecting efforts.

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