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Image Relay is a digital asset management system that enables businesses to store, organize, manage and track their digital assets such as images, videos, and documents. The platform offers features such as secure cloud storage, metadata tagging, search capabilities, and user permissions to ensure efficient management of digital content. With Image Relay, organizations can also monitor and track the usage of their digital assets to gain insights into how they are being used and by whom. The platform provides customizable access controls that allow businesses to control who has access to specific assets and what actions they can perform on them. This ensures data security and prevents unauthorized use or distribution of digital assets. Additionally, Image Relay offers integration with other tools and software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, WordPress, and many more, making it easier for businesses to streamline their workflows and manage their assets from a centralized location.

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38 companies are currently using Image Relay


Seventh Generation

we’re on a mission to nur..

166 Employees$16K - $17K$53K united states ..74%Export
Image Relay | Certified B..

all your digital assets. ..

25 Employees$19K - $36K$62K united states ..10%Export

live streaming pan, tilt,..

16 Employees$32K - $17K$99K united states ..19%Export

backboneai builds frictio..

21 Employees$11K - $31K$60K united states ..3%Export
S & W Kitchens, Inc.

family-owned design/build..

75 Employees$42K - $29K$88K united states ..69%Export
Federation of Southern Co..

a legacy rooted in cooper..

38 Employees$44K - $38K$91K united states ..80%Export
Revision Military

relentlessly dedicated to..

125 Employees$28K - $33K$100K united states ..15%Export
The Hackett Group Inc.

world class defined and e..

1,747 Employees$38K - $10K$100K united states ..66%Export
Safera Oy

we make your kitchen safe..

16 Employees$35K - $5K$90K finland95%Export
SPICE PR Amsterdam

20 Employees$21K - $12K$74K netherlands62%Export
Lifetime Arts

enriching the lives of ol..

20 Employees$25K - $7K$53K united states ..54%Export
Sian Zeng

3 Employees$25K - $38K$85K united kingdom..99%Export
Aecus Limited

3 Employees$23K - $28K$56K united kingdom..45%Export
MySpa Distribution

myspa distribution, bring..

1 Employees$34K - $48K$67K united kingdom..15%Export

41 Employees$11K - $25K$91K united states ..11%Export

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Using Image Relay for finding leads

The list of companies using Image Relay presents a robust opportunity for sales teams seeking to identify leads. This well-organized database offers detailed insight, revealing firms that value robust digital asset management: those that prioritize organizing, tracking, and effectively utilizing their digital assets.

Sales teams can leverage this list in several ways. Firstly, they may use it to analyze market trends and identify key industry sectors where Image Relay is widely adopted. Such information can help shape targeted sales and marketing strategies.

Secondly, the list reveals potential clients already conversant with digital asset management systems and the value they bring to business operations. These are potential leads who understand the importance of digital assets and are likely to appreciate superior or complementary offerings in this domain.

Lastly, the database allows for competitive analysis. Understanding where and how Image Relay is being used can point out gaps in the market and opportunities to sell complementary or even competitive solutions.

By providing valuable insights into the strategies and preferences of numerous companies, this list is a promising foundation for generating new leads, tailoring sales pitches, and ultimately, expanding business opportunities.

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