Bluestone PIM
Companies using Bluestone PIM

Bluestone PIM is a software solution that specializes in handling product information management. Its primary objective is to manage and distribute product data across multiple channels. Additionally, it also includes some digital asset management capabilities for managing and storing product images, videos, and other digital assets. As a PIM solution, it allows businesses to centralize their product data in one place, making it easier to update, organize, and distribute. With Bluestone PIM, companies can ensure that their product information is consistent and accurate across all channels, which helps to improve customer experiences and increase sales. The software also provides advanced search and filtering tools to quickly find the desired product information. Besides, by supporting integrations with various e-commerce platforms, marketers and merchandisers can seamlessly transfer product information to their online stores. Ultimately, Bluestone PIM offers an efficient solution for organizations looking to streamline their product data management processes and optimize their omnichannel marketing efforts.

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15 companies are currently using Bluestone PIM


Neumann Bygg

sammen bygger vi profesjo..

192 Employees$12K - $7K$84K norway73%Export
Omega Power Equipment Pty..

the power to perfom

41 Employees$15K - $24K$53K australia16%Export
Flisekompaniet AS

løsninger du har lyst på!..

134 Employees$4K - $41K$93K norway49%Export
Ventistål AS

95 Employees$32K - $27K$99K norway22%Export
Gullfunn AS

du har anledningen - gull..

109 Employees$40K - $35K$90K norway54%Export
AutoMateriell AS

pure premium workshop equ..

5 Employees$12K - $45K$99K norway5%Export
Middy's Electrical

Offering you more...

313 Employees$36K - $23K$72K australia73%Export
Optimera AS

du bygger - vi tar oss av..

808 Employees$14K - $21K$93K norway95%Export

153 Employees$13K - $25K$56K denmark57%Export
Löplabbet Norge

løpesko kjøper du av løpe..

15 Employees$4K - $9K$78K norway65%Export
AS AutoMateriell

17 Employees$3K - $7K$84K norway38%Export
BYGGI Ulefoss

- Employees$29K - $16K$62K norway89%Export

High Quality, Leading LED..

- Employees$5K - $34K$83K australia53%Export
Flisekompaniet Kongsberg

- Employees$10K - $32K$60K norway47%Export
Optimera Proffsenter Kris..

- Employees$25K - $36K$53K norway86%Export

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Using Bluestone PIM for finding leads

The list of companies using Bluestone PIM offers an invaluable resource for sales teams. They can capitalize on its potential to streamline lead prospecting processes. Here are several reasons why:

  1. Industry Relevance: The list can give insight into sectors where Bluestone PIM is commonly used. By understanding where this PIM solution fits best, teams can better target leads in similar industries or those who face corresponding challenges.

  2. Potential Needs and Requirements: Companies on this list have chosen Bluestone PIM to meet specific needs for product data and digital asset management. This can help sales teams in identifying common requirements these companies might share.

  3. Knowledge of Competitive Landscape: Being aware of firms using Bluestone PIM aids in gaining an understanding of the competitive landscape. Sales teams can leverage this knowledge to craft strategies that appeal to these companies or others in a similar space.

  4. Better Personalization in Outreach: Having a background on companies using Bluestone PIM can empower sales teams to personalize their outreach efforts better, improving response rates and accelerating the sales process.

  5. Possible Expansion Opportunities: For companies offering complementary services or products, there can be expansion opportunities. Understanding the range of businesses using Bluestone PIM may open doors for cross-selling or up-selling possibilities.

Linking this list with the CRM system or lead prospecting tool in use can bring about improved efficiencies in the lead generation process.

In sum, this curated list is a springboard for understanding potential prospects better and can serve as a valuable asset in prospecting endeavors for those with complementary offerings or solutions that could enhance or integrate with the Bluestone PIM system.

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