Companies using Wheelio


Wheelio is a gamified pop-up/widget designed for ecommerce sites. It is an interactive platform that appears on the website as a pop-up, and encourages visitors to spin the wheel and win rewards/discounts. The purpose of Wheelio is to engage potential customers and incentivize them to make purchases from the ecommerce site. Once the visitor spins the wheel, they are prompted to enter their email address or other contact information to claim their prize. This allows ecommerce businesses to build their email list and retarget customers with promotions in the future. Wheelio provides customization options such as changing the colors and images of the pop-up, and adjusting the probability of winning prizes. By using Wheelio, ecommerce sites can increase their conversion rates and brand loyalty among customers.

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794 companies are currently using Wheelio


Bird & Blend Tea Co. B Co..

☕ on a mission to spread ..

95 Employees$26K - $8K$87K united kingdom..79%Export
VI Peel

our mission is to help pe..

73 Employees$20K - $44K$52K united states ..35%Export

The fastest-growing sport..

125 Employees$6K - $12K$57K united states ..19%Export

retro-futuristic chillwea..

8 Employees$23K - $49K$65K united states ..33%Export

head up, wings out!

49 Employees$7K - $32K$87K united states ..31%Export

it's funkin time

72 Employees$27K - $42K$89K united kingdom..60%Export
Algo Paint

algo : la première peintu..

8 Employees$1K - $5K$59K france70%Export
ISH Spirits

we make it easy to be a m..

27 Employees$44K - $30K$73K denmark86%Export
Les Petits Bidons

la marque de produits mén..

15 Employees$45K - $25K$84K france42%Export
The Hummingbird Bakery

authentic american cakes ..

88 Employees$27K - $18K$76K united kingdom..34%Export
Kerusso Inc

change your shirt, change..

108 Employees$48K - $36K$75K united states ..65%Export
Lenny & Larry's

75 Employees$11K - $39K$63K united states ..65%Export
Dot & Key Skincare

dot & key is a fresh take..

78 Employees$47K - $6K$60K india96%Export
Setu Nutrition

setu is a nutrition compa..

46 Employees$48K - $25K$71K india9%Export
Snaffling Pig

let's make the piggin'​ m..

6 Employees$20K - $17K$72K united kingdom..17%Export

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Using Wheelio for finding leads

The list of companies deploying Wheelio technology is a valuable resource for sales teams, as it provides an understanding of potential prospects in the eCommerce industry actively investing in innovative customer engagement solutions.

Businesses leveraging Wheelio are clearly forward-thinking entities prioritizing customer retention and engagement. They understand the importance and value of gamification, indicating that they are more open to additional solutions to enhance their business operations.

Sales teams can use this list to target companies more effectively because it functionally categorizes businesses according to their preparedness to adapt and benefit from cutting-edge technologies. Structuring outreach based on this criterion can lead to more productive lead generation and conversion efforts.

Moreover, the companies using Wheelio are likely to be interested in other digital transformation and eCommerce solutions. That knowledge is an indicator that they might be receptive to other relevant products and services. Therefore, companies offering such solutions might find fruitful leads in this list.

By understanding the companies on this list, sales teams are better equipped to customize their pitches, focusing on how their product or service aligns with the prospect’s proven commitment to improving their eCommerce platform.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Wheelio technology leads to tailored prospecting, greater lead insights, enhanced account targeting, and ultimately, improved lead generation measures.

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