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VTEX is an ecommerce software designed to manage multiple online stores. It provides a range of features including inventory management, order processing, payment processing, and customer relationship management tools. VTEX platform allows businesses to efficiently handle their e-commerce operations and achieve better results. The software is highly customizable, which makes it possible for businesses to tailor it according to their specific needs. Additionally, VTEX has an extensive app store that offers various third-party integrations to enhance its functionality. This platform also enables businesses to create a unique user experience by designing their storefronts using drag-and-drop tools. Given the scalability of the platform, VTEX can be used by small, midsize, and large enterprises alike. With VTEX, merchants can easily sell their products and services online, interact with customers, and grow their businesses.

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2,680 companies are currently using VTEX



our mission: to get safer..

4,216 Employees$39K - $42K$87K united states ..4%Export
Skelt Beauty Brands

fórmulas inteligentes e c..

94 Employees$14K - $13K$76K brazil80%Export

completa em ortodontia

73 Employees$41K - $25K$72K brazil93%Export

shopping da manutenção

47 Employees$36K - $4K$89K brazil74%Export
Motorola Mobility (a Leno..

23,850 Employees$13K - $1K$53K united states ..77%Export
Connect Parts

a maior loja de som e ace..

230 Employees$47K - $22K$56K brazil49%Export
Murals Your Way

dedicated to transforming..

14 Employees$34K - $25K$61K united states ..58%Export
Tecidos Kite

impulsionando o mercado b..

82 Employees$5K - $4K$68K brazil25%Export
Garage Rio

lifestyle ensolarado & di..

188 Employees$16K - $23K$86K brazil35%Export
Clima Rio

sempre o melhor clima!

618 Employees$11K - $47K$65K brazil68%Export

a 1ª máquina de bebidas e..

48 Employees$36K - $28K$65K brazil100%Export
Naked Nuts

ouse viver diferente

43 Employees$2K - $22K$66K brazil23%Export
Just Candy LLC

make every occasion & eve..

16 Employees$2K - $39K$80K united states ..59%Export
bisco industries

connecting your supply ch..

671 Employees$47K - $9K$61K united states ..86%Export
Galpón De Ropa

galpón de ropa re-circula..

86 Employees$27K - $15K$85K argentina11%Export

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Using VTEX for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing VTEX represents an invaluable resource for sales teams. The software is renowned for its capabilities in managing multiple online stores, a key factor for numerous prominent businesses. These businesses expand across various industries, providing an assortment of potential customers or partners for sales teams.

By exploring this list, sales teams have a unique opportunity to identify companies that understand the value of cutting-edge eCommerce solutions like VTEX. These firms, likely to be tech-forward and growth-oriented, can serve as quality leads for other digital solutions, online business services, or products tailored to eCommerce businesses.

Moreover, insights gleaned from the list can assist sales professionals in understanding prevailing trends: industries that heavily rely on such technology, the company size that typically uses VTEX, or geographic locations of these companies. This, in turn, can aid in strategic planning of prospecting initiatives, optimizing sales efforts to target sectors where opportunities are ripe.

In addition, companies listed likely prioritize technology-driven solutions for their business needs. Therefore, this understanding could lead to more fruitful interactions, as sales pitches can be tailored to resonate with technology-embracing prospects, increasing conversion rates.

Towards the end, here are some examples of companies that harness the power of VTEX, as well as the potential value they may offer for sales teams:

  1. Moto Market Express: A leading retailer specialized in motorcycle parts, accessories, and gear. Displaying affinity for eCommerce solutions, it may be open to other tech-driven offerings aimed at enhancing business operations or customer experience.

  2. Tropical Fruit Box: A Miami-based company focused on exotic and tropical fruits delivery. This medium-sized business could be a significant lead for services centered around online delivery and eCommerce logistic solutions.

In essence, the list furnishes a direct gateway to companies poised for growth, intrigued by technology, and already aware of the transformative potential of digital solutions. This context can foster higher conversion rates and more successful sales outcomes, making it a powerful tool for lead prospecting.

For sales teams, please make sure to leverage this precious resource to enhance lead identification efforts, gain valuable insights, and inevitably, drive sales performance to new heights. Always remember—sales success comes from recognizing the right opportunities.

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