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Lightspeed eCom is an eCommerce platform that allows businesses to create their own online store. It provides a range of features including website design templates, inventory management, marketing tools, and multichannel selling capabilities. Lightspeed eCom also offers integrations with various payment gateways, shipping carriers, and accounting software. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, allowing businesses to create a unique online shopping experience for their customers. With Lightspeed eCom, businesses can manage their entire online sales process in one place, from product listing to order fulfillment. This platform is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence. Its pricing plans are based on the number of products and features required, making it affordable for businesses of varying sizes and needs.

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4,797 companies are currently using Lightspeed eCom


Tunturi New Fitness

feel better every day

34 Employees$21K - $11K$56K netherlands13%Export
Hotspot Titanium

the safest and most relia..

10 Employees$5K - $34K$94K united kingdom..68%Export
League of Rebels

take the occasion ——— to ..

5 Employees$7K - $8K$78K united states ..58%Export

in 9 years of time, biker..

13 Employees$20K - $2K$58K netherlands92%Export
Quick | Q1905


4 Employees$40K - $45K$74K netherlands39%Export
WATT Mobility

own the city

5 Employees$32K - $43K$94K netherlands7%Export
Boulevard Flower Gardens ..

quality plant growers sin..

11 Employees$1K - $41K$72K united states ..11%Export

experiential, luxury wome..

195 Employees$7K - $10K$57K united states ..51%Export
Sling It! Lacrosse Compan..

8 Employees$31K - $26K$69K united states ..40%Export
Dark Garden Unique Corset..

creating & celebrating un..

13 Employees$32K - $27K$72K united states ..29%Export
Mac Enthusiasts

rentals sales service

9 Employees$6K - $5K$71K united states ..93%Export
Freedman Jewelers

12 Employees$35K - $12K$82K united states ..14%Export
SBK International Wholesa..

Your Number One Distribut..

17 Employees$48K - $20K$78K united states ..72%Export
Inofec Kantoormeubelen Be..

uw partner voor kwalitati..

13 Employees$2K - $42K$74K belgium57%Export
bauer wines

wine, beer & spirits stor..

3 Employees$45K - $25K$65K united states ..88%Export

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Using Lightspeed eCom for finding leads

This curated list of companies utilizing Lightspeed eCom presents a valuable opportunity for sales teams seeking to find potential leads. Lightspeed eCom, known for its robust e-commerce functionalities, has been instrumental in supporting businesses of various sizes, offering them comprehensive solutions to manage inventory, build customer relationships, and enhance online sales.

The compilation is beneficial in pinpointing companies that have opted for a solution proven to escalate digital transformation, indicating they value innovation and are open to exploring advanced technologies for their business operations. Such information can fuel more targeted and effective lead prospecting efforts.

With the ability to identify firms already employing Lightspeed eCom, sales teams can construct more successful outreach strategies. Understanding the preferences and industry standards of these companies will enable crafting tailored solutions that cater specifically to those standards, thereby leading to higher conversion rates.

Furthermore, it allows sales teams to grasp the range of industries Lightspeed eCom caters to, providing invaluable insights into market trends and industry preferences, which can lead to the unveiling of untapped sectors or niches.

Sales professionals can also draw on this list to develop competitive analyses. By studying companies that selected Lightspeed eCom, they can identify key factors persuading these firms to opt for this solution, potentially uncovering unique selling propositions for their own offerings.

To summarize, this array of companies choosing Lightspeed eCom aids lead generation efforts by offering valuable industry insights, assisting in identifying potential opportunities, and facilitating targeted outreach efforts – a valuable asset for all ambitious sales teams.

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