1C-Bitrix is a web project management system and universal software designed for developing, maintaining, and growing corporate websites and online stores. It provides a comprehensive set of features for managing website content, customer relations, e-commerce, marketing, and more. With 1C-Bitrix, users can easily create and customize websites, manage product catalogs, track orders, automate marketing campaigns, and provide excellent customer service. The system offers advanced security features, high performance, and scalability making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, it has a flexible architecture that allows developers to extend and modify the system based on their specific needs. Overall, 1C-Bitrix provides a complete solution for building and managing successful online businesses.

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5,295 Companies using 1C-Bitrix

Megarost Group

Mobile and web app develo..

11$17K - $38K$69K united states ..45%
Biomicrogels Group

environmental biotechnolo..

17$29K - $46K$62K united kingdom..80%

advancing intelligence to..

18$7K - $42K$11K united states ..51%

online platform for multi..

16$32K - $37K$58K united states ..79%
Changellenge >>

91$42K - $47K$132K russian federa..93%
FINEXPO (Finexpo.org)

organizer of financial co..

28$42K - $14K$0 cyprus4%
ChemDiv, Inc.

the official page of chem..

58$45K - $18K$10K united states ..41%
Heptagon Group

on your marks. set-up you..

19$6K - $8K$94K united kingdom..81%

141$38K - $9K$75K switzerland97%

we're sleep.8. we believe..

126$20K - $17K$89K united kingdom..80%
INOSTUDIO | Web and mobil..

Digital transformation

77$5K - $49K$6K russia17%
Segezha Group

161$33K - $32K$25K russian federa..76%
Meta DAO Guild

a dao-based gaming commun..

9$32K - $48K$598 united kingdom..8%

icontext is the largest i..

96$39K - $25K$9K russian federa..85%

smart drafting and design..

10$42K - $45K$92K norway92%

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How to use 1C-Bitrix

1C-Bitrix is a powerful tool for creating and managing corporate websites and online stores. Here are the steps to use 1C-Bitrix:

  1. First, you need to install 1C-Bitrix on your web server. You can either do this yourself if you have the technical expertise, or hire a developer to do it for you.

  2. Once installed, you can start creating your website or online store using 1C-Bitrix's intuitive visual editor. This editor allows you to easily add and arrange content, create forms, set up payment systems, and more.

  3. You can also customize the design of your website or online store by choosing from a variety of templates or creating your own custom design using 1C-Bitrix's built-in tools.

  4. When your website or online store is ready, you can use 1C-Bitrix's powerful management tools to keep track of orders, manage inventory, analyze customer behavior, and more.

  5. Additionally, 1C-Bitrix offers a range of marketing and SEO tools to help you promote your website or online store and improve its visibility in search engines.

Overall, 1C-Bitrix is a comprehensive solution for creating and managing successful web projects, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to establish a professional online presence.

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