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Companies using Google Sites

Google Sites is a website creation tool that allows users to create and publish simple websites without requiring any technical expertise or coding skills. It is a part of Google's productivity suite, Google Workspace(formerly known as G Suite), which also includes tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google Sites features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that enables users to build webpages, add text content, images, videos, and files from their Google Drive. It also provides various customization options such as choosing templates, changing fonts, colors, and layouts. With Google Sites, users can collaborate with others in real-time, control access to their site, and track analytics using Google Analytics.

Google Sites is suitable for creating simple websites such as project sites, portfolios, event pages, or intranet sites. However, it may not be the best option for creating complex or highly-customized websites due to its limited functionality. Nonetheless, for those who need a basic website quickly and easily, Google Sites can be a useful tool.

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41,580 companies are currently using Google Sites


UrBench, LLC

building trust, exceeding..

13 Employees$19K - $17K$52K united states ..18%Export
Midwest Games

great games can come from..

18 Employees$11K - $17K$63K united states ..28%Export
GreeneStep Technologies

helping business leaders ..

34 Employees$47K - $46K$89K united states ..31%Export
Centro Hispano

empowering latino and uta..

28 Employees$17K - $2K$79K united states ..21%Export
Arda Therapeutics

target cells, not pathway..

7 Employees$45K - $43K$88K united states ..68%Export

helping artists raise fun..

20 Employees$12K - $11K$73K united states ..58%Export

changing the face and imp..

66 Employees$21K - $22K$88K united states ..18%Export

atomic level fragmentatio..

18 Employees$50K - $33K$92K sweden88%Export

ceci n'est pas une cantin..

66 Employees$11K - $2K$77K france92%Export
Pro-MotionPix, LLC

we pride ourselves in bei..

27 Employees$27K - $23K$50K united states ..92%Export
Adaptive PearlChain

bridging the gap between ..

24 Employees$28K - $45K$70K belgium77%Export
Qbit Technologies Inc - T..

metaverse, 3d vr e-commer..

8 Employees$42K - $24K$62K united states ..37%Export
OrBit Markets

the next generation of di..

6 Employees$2K - $12K$56K singapore55%Export

resilient, modular, recon..

36 Employees$10K - $6K$79K united states ..55%Export

a passionate team of forw..

11 Employees$23K - $30K$86K united states ..48%Export

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Using Google Sites for finding leads

This curated list of companies using Google Sites offers significant value for sales teams aiming to identify potential leads. It provides a unique insight into a vast array of organizations - from startups to large enterprises - that have chosen to build their web presence on Google Sites platform.

The list can serve as the cornerstone of strategic outreach efforts. Having information on companies that use Google Sites helps sales teams pinpoint organizations that are likely to be interested in products, services, or solutions that align with or enhance Google's technology stack. It empowers teams with the key data required to tailor outreach strategies, craft more personalized messages, accentuating the relevance of their offering to the customer’s existing infrastructure, thereby increasing chances of a successful sales pitch.

Through this list, teams can also identify industry trends and patterns, further refining their sales efforts. Understanding the industry distribution of Google Sites usage enables identification of sectors more open to Google's technology stack, which in turn can lead to high opportunity markets not tapped before.

Moreover, potential partnerships or collaboration opportunities can also be uncovered. By identifying other businesses operating in the same space or providing complementary services, an avenue for symbiotic business relationships can be facilitated.

Therefore, this list of companies using Google Sites can become a valuable asset for sales teams in guiding lead prospecting and decision making, while also possibly uncovering new markets and collaboration opportunities, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of their sales strategy.

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