Companies using Gambio

Gambio is an e-commerce platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking to set up a professional online store. It's an all-in-one solution that allows merchants to easily create and manage their online store without requiring technical expertise.

One of the key benefits of Gambio is its simplicity. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for merchants to upload products, create categories, and manage orders. Additionally, Gambio offers a range of features that help merchants optimize their stores for search engines and social media, including meta tags, keywords, and social sharing buttons.

Gambio also provides merchants with a range of payment and shipping options, allowing them to offer their customers a convenient and seamless buying experience. This includes integration with popular payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, as well as support for a range of shipping carriers.

Another important feature of Gambio is its customization options. The platform comes with a range of templates that can be customized to suit a merchant's branding and design preferences. Additionally, Gambio supports a range of add-ons and plugins, allowing merchants to extend the functionality of their online store as needed.

In summary, Gambio is an all-in-one shopping cart solution that provides small to medium-sized businesses with a powerful and user-friendly platform to create and manage their online stores. With its range of features and customization options, Gambio is a great choice for businesses looking to establish a professional online presence and increase their sales.

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3,859 companies are currently using Gambio


GITO mbH Verlag für Indus..

passionate about informat..

10 Employees$2K - $39K$73K germany100%Export
BusinessVillage GmbH

update your knowledge!

7 Employees$29K - $40K$55K germany64%Export

16 Employees$42K - $28K$70K germany93%Export

professional car care pro..

11 Employees$9K - $47K$96K germany83%Export
Hermo Beschlag

...das zeichen für gute b..

4 Employees$38K - $15K$85K germany57%Export
dpv elektronik-service gm..

systempartner für die ele..

31 Employees$42K - $4K$62K germany38%Export
Bavarian Caps GmbH

trag dein herz auf dem ko..

4 Employees$34K - $4K$61K germany80%Export

3 Employees$4K - $4K$67K germany34%Export
Friebe Luftfahrt-Bedarf G..

friebe luftfahrt-bedarf g..

4 Employees$11K - $5K$55K germany27%Export
Drogerie Schneider AG

profis für gesundheit und..

4 Employees$43K - $9K$79K switzerland21%Export
1A Tapes GmbH

industrial markings and s..

4 Employees$34K - $42K$60K germany51%Export
Greuter Leuchten AG

led leuchten nach mass

5 Employees$27K - $47K$87K switzerland3%Export
DOGS in the CITY

dogs in the city sleeping..

4 Employees$3K - $30K$53K germany82%Export
A.W. Dienemann GmbH & Co...

partner für handwerk und ..

6 Employees$24K - $43K$77K germany87%Export
Redrum Books

redrum liebt dich!

3 Employees$31K - $11K$91K germany24%Export

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Using Gambio for finding leads

The list of companies employing Gambio provides significant value for a multitude of reasons. Primarily, this list serves as a rich repository of potential leads for sales teams, enabling them to identify businesses that value sophisticated shopping cart solutions. As Gambio is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, this list would particularly appeal to businesses or service providers that offer products or services complementary to Gambio's feature set.

Sales teams can take advantage of this array of leads, considering these companies are already investing in e-commerce solutions, indicating they value digital transformation and are potentially open to other solutions that could enhance their online presence or operations.

Moreover, they can develop personalized outreach strategies based on the unique landscape that each company operates within, thereby increasing the chance of securing each prospect. By taking specific needs and product specifications into account, sales teams can offer solutions that align perfectly with each company's use of Gambio.

Investigating how companies implement Gambio further allows sales teams to identify potential gaps or opportunities in these businesses' e-commerce operations. This paves the way for a targeted approach that can propose complementary services or products.

Overall, the list of companies using Gambio serves as a powerful tool for sales teams, offering them a ready pool of potential leads and an insight into the current market scenario. The information is invaluable in streamlining the prospecting process and creating opportunities for highly targeted, successful pitches.

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