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JTL Shop is an ecommerce platform developed by JTL Software company. It enables businesses to create and run their online stores with essential features such as product management, order fulfillment, and payment processing. The software is customizable, allowing businesses to design their stores according to their brand, and supports various languages and currencies. Additionally, JTL Shop provides tools for search engine optimization (SEO) to increase a store's visibility in search results. The platform also integrates with other services such as shipping providers, accounting software, and marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. JTL Shop offers different pricing plans for businesses of different sizes and needs, ranging from a free version with basic functionalities to a premium plan with advanced features and support. Overall, JTL Shop is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that helps businesses establish and manage their online presence easily and effectively.

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5,108 companies are currently using JTL Shop



ihr partner für 3d-druck ..

20 Employees$32K - $16K$82K germany26%Export
pvXchange Trading GmbH

since 2004, pvxchange ope..

15 Employees$16K - $44K$94K germany44%Export
Vanatari International Gm..

from nature, with passion..

17 Employees$8K - $20K$57K germany71%Export
Solution 360 GmbH

e-commerce of excellence

30 Employees$46K - $23K$61K germany78%Export

28 Employees$37K - $25K$68K germany77%Export

"we keep farmers running"..

8 Employees$37K - $3K$99K germany78%Export
BEAUTEK.de - Dein Onlines..

ihr nr.1 online-shop für ..

6 Employees$10K - $34K$85K germany56%Export
Alcube GmbH

ein familiengeführtes, pr..

5 Employees$43K - $48K$54K germany60%Export

Die besten Weine im Netz

20 Employees$45K - $46K$80K germany77%Export

battle-tested materials

4 Employees$15K - $16K$71K germany99%Export
CMD Naturkosmetik

naturkosmetik – made in g..

12 Employees$36K - $44K$65K germany32%Export

stylisch | nachhaltig | f..

16 Employees$11K - $32K$70K germany33%Export
Airless Discounter

retailer for paint sprayi..

11 Employees$2K - $49K$83K germany73%Export

bei heyho stellen wir kei..

6 Employees$10K - $2K$52K germany4%Export
Nazar Wellness Handelsges..

wellnessartikel, einzel- ..

3 Employees$3K - $22K$54K germany4%Export

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Using JTL Shop for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing JTL Shop offers significant value to sales teams seeking leads in the ecommerce domain. As an advanced ecommerce system, JTL Shop appeals to a wide range of businesses operating online stores, ranging from small startups to thriving mid-size companies. Thus, the companies leveraging this technology signify a diverse base of potential leads with proven interest in advanced ecommerce solutions.

Sales teams can utilize this curated list to target businesses that have already acknowledged the importance of robust web technologies like JTL Shop for their operations. These companies are more likely to be open to other tools or services that can further enhance their ecommerce capabilities, streamline their operations, and increase their efficiency or online reach.

Moreover, by analyzing the list, sales representatives can gain insights into which industries and market segments heavily lean on the JTL Shop platform. This knowledge can subsequently refine their prospecting strategy and streamline their outreach efforts, ensuring more productivity and higher chances of conversions.

In addition, this list makes it easier for sales teams to establish initial contact with leads, as they can reference the company's use of JTL Shop in their outreach. Such a personalized approach elevates the likelihood of fostering a response, laying a stronger foundation for relationship development and further discussion.

Finally, the list may serve as a trove for competitive analysis, enabling sales teams to understand better their competitors' customer base. Knowing who else operates within the same space, and what technology they use, can inform sales strategies and encourage the development of unique selling propositions to stand out in the market.

In conclusion, this comprehensive list of companies using JTL Shop is a resourceful tool, offering targeted leads for sales teams, enhancing prospecting strategies, and initiating meaningful conversations within the ecommerce industry.

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