Companies using TrustYou

TrustYou is a German-based company that provides guest feedback and hotel reputation software to the hospitality industry. The company offers solutions that allow hotels to collect, analyze, and manage guest reviews from various online platforms such as social media, review sites, and booking channels. TrustYou's platform uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to extract insights from guest reviews and provide actionable recommendations to improve the customer experience. In addition to reputation management, TrustYou also offers tools for surveys and messaging to help hotels engage with guests throughout their stay. Overall, TrustYou helps hotels to monitor and improve their online reputation, which can lead to increased bookings and guest satisfaction.

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709 companies are currently using TrustYou


The Grove

set in 300 acres of hertf..

682 Employees$2K - $8K$69K united kingdom..10%Export
Légère Hotel Luxembourg

made for living

17 Employees$24K - $45K$94K luxembourg99%Export

so einzigartig wie du sel..

14 Employees$48K - $25K$93K germany76%Export
Gothia Towers

welcome to our three towe..

389 Employees$16K - $8K$86K sweden11%Export
Hôtel de Rougemont & SPA

“garde la fenêtre de ton ..

12 Employees$13K - $12K$55K switzerland98%Export
Grand Hotel National

welcome to lucerne's trad..

32 Employees$30K - $2K$90K switzerland59%Export
Parkhotel de Wiemsel

puur natuur, rust en onts..

29 Employees$8K - $44K$80K netherlands82%Export

where creativity gets spa..

61 Employees$16K - $13K$89K netherlands55%Export
Therme Laa I Hotel I Sile..

therme laa i hotel i sile..

26 Employees$28K - $28K$86K austria4%Export
Elite World Hotels & Reso..

her anına değer … worth e..

400 Employees$34K - $3K$61K türkiye81%Export
Novotel New Plymouth Tara..

novotel new plymouth tara..

15 Employees$18K - $34K$70K new zealand21%Export
Vienna Residence

premium serviced apartmen..

11 Employees$7K - $12K$86K austria38%Export
Maxime Hotel

an iconic club in lisbon,..

14 Employees$3K - $30K$91K portugal84%Export
Hotel Mercure Roeselare

traditionele gastvrijheid..

36 Employees$38K - $38K$98K belgium37%Export

how edgy are you?

21 Employees$16K - $3K$59K united arab em..14%Export

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Using TrustYou for finding leads

Having a comprehensive list of companies that utilize TrustYou's platform provides a heightened level of insight into the landscape of businesses valuing guest feedback and reputation management. It represents companies that prioritize customer experience, review analytics, and are concerned with their online reputation.

This list serves as a valuable prospecting tool for sales team. By offering names of TrustYou clientele, it lays the groundwork for identifying potential leads who might be interested in similar or complementary tools and services. A business that uses TrustYou likely invests in maximizing customer satisfaction and might be in the lookout for additional services or products that align with this goal.

Sales teams can leverage this list to learn more about each company's needs and challenges, and tailor their pitches accordingly. They can anticipate problems these companies might encounter and propose solutions that reinforce the usability of TrustYou. Alternatively, if a sales team offers a product or service that can enhance or integrate with TrustYou's capabilities, the list can be used to identify companies potentially interested in such enhancements.

Moreover, companies using TrustYou present a set of similarities--a focus on customer feedback, an understanding of the digital landscape, and likely, a presence in the hospitality industry. The insights gained from this unifying theme can further help in targeting efforts and shaping more effective sales strategies.

Therefore, this list of companies using TrustYou is not just informational, but serves as a strategic resource for sales teams on the hunt for new leads, providing a starting point for explorations, and offering a clearer picture of a niche market that can be invaluable for lead generation and new client acquisition.

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