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Titan is a graph database developed by DataStax. It is built on top of Apache Cassandra, a highly scalable and available NoSQL database. Titan provides a distributed graph database that can handle large-scale graphs with billions of vertices and edges. It supports Apache TinkerPop, a popular graph computing framework that allows for efficient graph traversal and manipulation. Titan supports various storage backends, including Cassandra, HBase, and BerkeleyDB. It also provides indexing capabilities through popular indexing technologies such as Elasticsearch and Solr. Titan's architecture is designed to be highly available and fault-tolerant, ensuring that data is always accessible even in the event of node failures. With its scalability and performance, Titan is an ideal solution for applications that require real-time graph processing, such as social networks, recommendation engines, fraud detection systems, and network analysis tools.

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61 companies are currently using Titan



connect engage motivate

41 Employees$2K - $30K$92K united kingdom..18%Export
Burke Porter Group

Advancing the Machine™

82 Employees$16K - $8K$66K united states ..91%Export
California Innovations In..

go beyond.

103 Employees$13K - $46K$69K canada14%Export
CMCC Global

cmcc global is one of asi..

28 Employees$4K - $38K$97K hong kong63%Export
Burke Porter, an Ascentia..

Covering the world for yo..

203 Employees$32K - $26K$82K united states ..36%Export
Ascential Medical & Life ..

498 Employees$43K - $19K$77K united states ..37%Export
ChemQuest, Inc.

anything but ordinary

28 Employees$31K - $30K$59K united states ..52%Export

canberra’s source for pro..

33 Employees$27K - $2K$50K australia19%Export

increase your e-commerce ..

14 Employees$39K - $49K$97K argentina33%Export
a la mode, inc.

136 Employees$40K - $19K$85K united states ..47%Export
NACS, Inc. (now part of A..

harnessing science, savin..

81 Employees$2K - $4K$91K united states ..17%Export
Ellen Coopers Paris

agence des communications..

12 Employees$29K - $50K$59K france20%Export

top web & mobile app deve..

239 Employees$2K - $15K$85K india58%Export
Horse Deals

horse deals is australia'..

11 Employees$13K - $8K$97K australia1%Export
Perth Rigging Company

18 Employees$14K - $31K$87K australia51%Export

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Using Titan for finding leads

This collection of enterprises adopting Titan's technology offers a prime opportunity for sales teams. Its primary values lie in its insight into current market trends and potential lead information for products and services complementary or related to Titan.

Given Titan's industry relevance, organizations listed here are likely to be forward-thinking, valuing high-quality, cutting-edge solutions. This makes them excellent prospects for sales teams dealing in similar or allied technologies.

From a sales prospective, this list is especially beneficial. Here are some ways:

Identifying Potential Leads
The list can directly pinpoint organizations presumably ready to invest in modern technologies. It provides a target clientele set for which sales initiatives can be streamlined.

Comprehending Market Trends
Companies utilizing Titan provide a snapshot of current trends in cutting-edge technology adoption. Sales teams can use this information to adjust their strategies and products to meet or anticipate market demands.

Analyzing Competition
The list can also showcase the competition, as companies offering similar technologies to Titan might already be selling to these organizations. Such insights can inform strategic plans to differentiate and position their products.

Planning Product Development
With this list, teams can see which industries and sectors are investing in Titan's technology. This could guide the development of new, industry-specific features or adjustments to existing solutions.

The solidity and relevancy of lead prospecting are manifoldly improved with an encompassing snapshot of Titan users. Hence, it can significantly enhance sales strategies, making them more targeted and effective.

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