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Companies using Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads is an online advertising platform that helps advertisers promote their products and services on the Pinterest social media platform. It allows businesses to create and display ads to a targeted audience based on various factors such as interests, demographics, and search keywords. The platform offers various ad formats like promoted pins, promoted videos, and promoted carousels that allow businesses to showcase their products and services in an immersive way.

Advertisers can set their budget, target audience, and schedule their campaigns using the Pinterest Ads Manager tool. They can track their ad performance and optimize their campaigns using analytics provided by the platform. Advertisers can also retarget audiences who have previously engaged with their content on Pinterest.

Pinterest Ads provides businesses with an opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience of users looking for new ideas and inspiration. This makes it an effective platform for businesses looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, and generate leads or sales.

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137,133 companies are currently using Pinterest Ads



join 2 million members fi..

54 Employees$11K - $43K$97K united states ..60%Export
Malbon Golf

inspiring today's youth t..

38 Employees$28K - $28K$77K united states ..79%Export

the lightweight, health m..

44 Employees$5K - $9K$57K united states ..48%Export

creating a revolution of ..

30 Employees$28K - $10K$80K united states ..20%Export
Proud Source Water

water done different.

38 Employees$22K - $38K$100K united states ..50%Export

looking for better urinar..

42 Employees$16K - $30K$75K united states ..81%Export
Embr Labs

developing technology to ..

27 Employees$40K - $29K$82K united states ..61%Export
Oats Overnight

life is hard, make breakf..

97 Employees$11K - $14K$55K united states ..81%Export
The Good Patch

hemp and plant-infused we..

20 Employees$15K - $13K$81K united states ..73%Export

the #1 universal gift reg..

58 Employees$4K - $26K$90K united states ..39%Export

the modern jewelry maker...

13 Employees$16K - $45K$98K germany79%Export

organic home textiles wit..

43 Employees$8K - $5K$65K united states ..86%Export
The Nue Co.

we pair potent ingredient..

20 Employees$39K - $33K$82K united states ..10%Export

wear you, not someone els..

43 Employees$23K - $23K$81K united states ..94%Export
Three Spirit

we are revolutionising a ..

18 Employees$24K - $43K$63K united kingdom..4%Export

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Using Pinterest Ads for finding leads

The list of companies using Pinterest Ads is a valuable resource for sales teams looking to identify potential leads. By engaging with these companies, sales professionals can offer solutions to expand their current marketing efforts, identify trends, and even locate businesses who may benefit from alternative services.

Pinterest Ads caters to various industries, demonstrating its versatility and demand. With this comprehensive list, sales teams can understand the types of businesses investing in Pinterest's advertising platform, the scale of their operations, and their economic sector.

The list can also help identify a company's readiness to invest in digital marketing services. If a company already uses Pinterest Ads, it’s a signal that they understand the value of online advertising and may be open to other related services or solutions. It can serve as an ice breaker for the sales team, who can delve deeper into the company's existing marketing strategy and explore areas where their product or service offerings might align.

Furthermore, by analyzing the businesses on this list and their respective industries, sales teams can gain insight into the potential gaps and opportunities in the market. This data can guide the creation of more targeted, effective pitches or sales strategies.

In conclusion, a list of companies using Pinterest Ads provides a unique perspective into the digital marketing landscape. This can be a powerful tool for sales teams seeking to identify and approach potential leads who already show an understanding and willingness to invest in digital advertising, thus increasing the chances of successful prospecting and conversion.

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