Companies using PubMatic

PubMatic is a technology company that provides online advertising solutions and strategies for the digital publishing and advertising industry. Their software helps publishers and advertisers monetize their content by optimizing ad placements and targeting to reach the right audience.

PubMatic's platform includes tools for programmatic advertising, which allows advertisers to bid on ad space in real-time auctions. This helps publishers maximize revenue by ensuring that each impression is sold at the highest possible price. The company also offers analytics and reporting features that provide insights into ad performance and audience engagement.

In addition to their technology offerings, PubMatic also provides consulting services to help publishers and advertisers develop effective advertising strategies. Their team of experts works with clients to identify key trends and opportunities in the market and tailor their advertising campaigns accordingly.

Overall, PubMatic is a leading player in the digital advertising space, helping publishers and advertisers navigate the complex world of online advertising and maximize their revenue potential.

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45,640 companies are currently using PubMatic


Forza Football

we want to make the world..

61 Employees$18K - $36K$92K sweden84%Export

the new way to tour, buy ..

13 Employees$42K - $36K$86K united states ..55%Export

world-class content, glob..

31 Employees$6K - $8K$74K united states ..55%Export

we can help grow your ema..

15 Employees$5K - $32K$71K united states ..85%Export
Daily Harvest

we take care of food, so ..

197 Employees$37K - $26K$75K united states ..23%Export

stocktwits is the largest..

71 Employees$20K - $32K$59K united states ..24%Export

changing how you follow s..

205 Employees$44K - $7K$67K united states ..99%Export

lifting the world's spiri..

37 Employees$17K - $7K$96K united states ..62%Export

we make videos viral amon..

146 Employees$35K - $14K$51K hong kong40%Export

retail news and expert in..

26 Employees$48K - $36K$100K united states ..60%Export
The Jewish Voice

your best source for jewi..

17 Employees$31K - $5K$99K united states ..72%Export
Leeuwarder Courant

sinds 1752 de krant van e..

98 Employees$38K - $46K$71K netherlands49%Export
The Everygirl Media Group..

the ultimate online resou..

83 Employees$10K - $34K$81K united states ..89%Export

the industry’s independen..

82 Employees$15K - $12K$55K united states ..97%Export

whether working with bran..

138 Employees$28K - $18K$53K united kingdom..42%Export

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Using PubMatic for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies leveraging PubMatic provides a valuable asset for sales teams seeking to find significant leads in the digital publishing and advertising industry. Due to PubMatic's niche in developing online advertising software and strategies, this list represents a wide spectrum of businesses actively engaged in, and seeking solutions for, online advertising.

This robust list can offer sales teams a direct route to potential customers and clients. Uncovering the businesses using cutting-edge solutions such as PubMatic can help identify those who value innovation, are likely to have a substantial digital presence, and possibly have a larger budget allocated towards digital advertising. This alignment is an essential lead qualification criterion, aiding in targeted and effective prospecting.

In addition, the presence of a company on the PubMatic user list may suggest an ongoing need for complementary services or products. This creates opportunities to approach these potential leads with tailored offerings that synergize with PubMatic's solutions. By offering solutions that complement a system already in use, sales teams can demonstrate an understanding of the lead's needs and business, enhancing the chances of engagement.

Therefore, this list highlights prospective leads actively involved in digital advertising, allowing sales teams to effectively target, engage with, and serve the needs of these businesses more effectively. Utilizing such resources can significantly streamline the lead generation process, improve sales efficiency, and increase the likelihood of sealing deals.

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