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Companies using Smart Ad Server

Smart Ad Server is an advertising server and RTB (Real-Time Bidding) platform used by advertisers and publishers. It allows advertisers to deliver targeted ads to specific audiences based on factors such as demographics, location, behavior, and interests. Publishers can use Smart Ad Server to manage ad inventory on their websites and applications, and they can also benefit from the platform's ability to optimize ads based on user engagement, revenue performance, and other metrics. The platform supports various types of ad formats, including display, video, mobile, native, and programmatic advertising. Smart Ad Server provides tools for campaign management, reporting, and analytics, allowing advertisers and publishers to track the performance of their ads and make data-driven decisions about their advertising strategies. The platform also offers features such as ad fraud detection, brand safety controls, and GDPR compliance to ensure a secure and transparent advertising environment.

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27,046 companies are currently using Smart Ad Server


Navingo BV

connecting the maritime a..

44 Employees$46K - $3K$84K netherlands49%Export

lifting the world's spiri..

37 Employees$42K - $49K$95K united states ..17%Export
InnoVision Marketing Grou..

the anti-agency®

41 Employees$35K - $21K$74K united states ..23%Export

elige un servicio inmobil..

114 Employees$24K - $12K$82K spain93%Export

The largest platform for ..

57 Employees$6K - $16K$95K switzerland78%Export
Respect My Region

rmr loves local homegrown..

39 Employees$4K - $10K$70K united states ..93%Export
The Daily Dot

62 Employees$47K - $31K$72K united states ..69%Export

wear your life

65 Employees$27K - $19K$81K united states ..16%Export
National Council for the ..

ncss is the largest profe..

38 Employees$30K - $31K$62K united states ..24%Export

la 1ère chaîne info 100% ..

47 Employees$49K - $30K$99K france62%Export

noozhawk is the leading o..

27 Employees$47K - $49K$52K united states ..79%Export
PMI - San Francisco Bay A..

pmi san francisco bay are..

27 Employees$12K - $19K$70K united states ..4%Export

we help our clients becom..

46 Employees$43K - $47K$76K sweden68%Export

1,493 Employees$31K - $43K$69K united states ..61%Export
PMI Phoenix Chapter

your arizona link to pmi,..

27 Employees$32K - $19K$51K united states ..36%Export

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This compilation of companies utilizing Smart Ad Server is an invaluable resource for sales teams. Housing a well-crafted list of firms that count on this robust ad serving and RTB platform, it equips teams with solid leads for prospecting.

With an informed visibility into which companies are leveraging Smart Ad Server, sales teams can tailor their pitches, addressing specific benefits and solutions that resonate with these businesses. It enables them to understand prospect's current technology stack and potentially offer complimentary services or products.

Additionally, this list provides a panoramic view of various industries and sectors making use of this technology. This could aid in identifying patterns and trends in its usage, which in turn can be leveraged to refine sales strategies.

A deep dive into this list could reveal companies who are likely investing in digital advertising and RTB platform technologies, indicating a willingness to embrace advanced tools for digital marketing success, thus serving as prime targets for sales initiatives.

Furthermore, this list can be utilized to single out potential competitors or partners - knowledge integral to executing strategic sales decisions.

In essence, the accessibility of such a list is a powerful tool, a treasure trove of insights for sales teams, equipping them with an in-depth understanding of a specific market segment - companies utilizing Smart Ad Server.

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