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Tiqets is a platform that enables travelers to discover and book tickets for various museums, attractions, zoos, canal cruises, concerts, and other experiences in different cities around the world. The platform provides easy-to-use and mobile-friendly booking options that allow travelers to skip the long lines and queues at popular tourist destinations.

Moreover, Tiqets also offers its affiliate program, which allows publishers to earn a 6% commission on completed bookings made within 30 days of users clicking on their featured links to Tiqets products and content across their brand's channels such as blogs/websites, social media, newsletters, and more.

By partnering with Tiqets, publishers can offer their audience curated travel experiences while earning a commission for each completed booking. Tiqets aims to simplify the process of discovering and booking unique travel experiences while also empowering publishers with a new revenue stream.

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174 companies are currently using Tiqets



europe's leading booking ..

86 Employees$5K - $44K$69K germany15%Export

discover more ways to cul..

231 Employees$49K - $19K$54K netherlands2%Export
Fundació Mies van der Roh..

34 Employees$35K - $42K$73K spain2%Export
Go West Tours

131 Employees$43K - $41K$97K united states ..6%Export
Battleship IOWA Museum | ..

the official page of the ..

58 Employees$8K - $13K$53K united states ..41%Export

europe’s biggest social m..

4 Employees$45K - $36K$86K netherlands54%Export
USS Midway Museum

live the adventure, honor..

233 Employees$43K - $28K$58K united states ..30%Export
Espace Dali Paris

"regarder, c'est inventer..

9 Employees$40K - $40K$73K france86%Export
Museum of Vancouver

vancouver's story begins ..

47 Employees$49K - $50K$68K canada100%Export
izi.TRAVEL - The Storytel..

publish and share audio g..

18 Employees$5K - $47K$99K -48%Export
Fundació Joan Miró

a centre for the study an..

65 Employees$16K - $29K$61K spain67%Export
Hôtels balladins - Réseau..

le respect de la qualité ..

23 Employees$24K - $50K$89K france17%Export

the most beautiful spring..

97 Employees$40K - $37K$57K netherlands25%Export

magical holiday homes all..

19 Employees$31K - $35K$79K spain89%Export
Rausch GmbH - Chocolate s..

no compromise on quality!..

29 Employees$4K - $40K$87K germany7%Export

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Using Tiqets for finding leads

This invaluable list of companies utilizing Tiqets brings forward a rich landscape of potential leads for sales teams. These companies range from a broad spectrum of industries, including travel and tourism, lifestyle blogging, and events management, therefore providing diverse opportunities for sales outreach across various sectors.

A glimpse into a company's interaction with Tiqets can uncover the nature, scale, and level of their activities. This data infers a business's requirements and can hint towards potential needs and gaps that a sales team can address. For instance, a company frequently booking large-scale attractions may need efficient group management solutions or streamlined payment processing systems.

This list can contribute to lead scoring by revealing insights about a company's size, market presence, and customer base. For instance, large companies with significant online traffic utilizing Tiqets may be hot leads for high-value contracts.

Sales teams can also augment the list with data from social media, newsletters, and more to compile a more composite picture of each lead. This cross-referencing allows for targeted sales pitches, personalized to each potential customer's unique needs and pain points.

Moreover, the listed companies' affiliation with Tiqets indicates their willingness to engage with online technologies, suggesting their openness to other digital solutions. It's a significant indicator to sales teams about a company's readiness to invest in similar technology solutions, marking them as high-opportunity leads.

To summarize, this comprehensive list of companies leveraging Tiqets offers a wealth of information about potential leads. This resource allows sales teams to adopt a more strategic, data-driven approach to their outreach, maximizing the chances of successful conversions.

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