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Spotify Widgets are a handy set of tools that allow users to embed Spotify content into their web projects. This is particularly useful for bloggers, musicians, and anyone who wants to promote music or podcasts on their website. With Spotify Widgets, users can embed tracks, albums, artists, playlists, podcasts or episodes by simply adding a line of code to their website.

Widgets come in various sizes, from small icons to larger frames that display album art, track titles, and artist names. Depending on the size of the widget, users can customize the color scheme to match their website's design.

To access Spotify Widgets, users must first have a Spotify account. Once logged in, they can select the "Share" option on any track, album, or playlist and choose "Copy Embed Code". They can then paste this code into their website's HTML editor to add the widget.

Overall, Spotify Widgets are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to share their favorite music or podcasts with their website visitors. They are easy to use and add a touch of personalization to any web project.

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10,485 companies are currently using Spotify Widgets


Brighter Click

brighter click helps ecom..

9 Employees$29K - $47K$51K united states ..69%Export
Reservoir Media Managemen..

Reservoir is an award-win..

75 Employees$44K - $36K$85K united states ..50%Export
Data Protection People

provider of data protecti..

37 Employees$4K - $37K$96K united kingdom..56%Export

persistent orbital awaren..

104 Employees$44K - $27K$65K united states ..56%Export

österreichs führendes med..

46 Employees$47K - $48K$96K austria76%Export
Rich Music LTD

"bringing out the best in..

38 Employees$26K - $10K$92K united states ..99%Export

build & scale your projec..

47 Employees$43K - $42K$87K belgium38%Export
Altitude Angel

unlocking the potential o..

49 Employees$26K - $45K$88K united kingdom..59%Export
Dog Podcast Network

dog podcast network is th..

5 Employees$43K - $38K$97K united states ..62%Export
Guitars Over Guns

our mission is to empower..

55 Employees$4K - $47K$81K united states ..64%Export

social media management s..

88 Employees$16K - $26K$96K germany58%Export
MitchelLake Group

global executive search f..

24 Employees$18K - $25K$69K united kingdom..86%Export

unparalleled science-driv..

47 Employees$13K - $34K$52K ireland88%Export
Blackstar Amplification L..

blackstar is a fast-growi..

60 Employees$7K - $2K$68K united kingdom..61%Export
Saturdays NYC

a menswear brand establis..

30 Employees$7K - $7K$91K united states ..43%Export

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Using Spotify Widgets for finding leads

This curated selection of companies represents a trove of potential leads for sales teams interested in businesses leveraging Spotify Widgets. With Spotify Widgets being a popular tool for embedding various Spotify entities like tracks, artist profiles, playlists, and more into web projects, these businesses have a clear interest in innovative web solutions.

Recognizing this, sales teams can utilize this list to identify prospective clients who are likely to be early adopters, increasing the odds of successfully pitching new web-related technologies or services.

Additionally, given these businesses' utilization of Spotify Widgets, they likely possess a sound grasp of or appreciation for web technologies. This means they might be more amenable to understanding and considering complex or niche solutions.

This list is also a possible indicator of a company's sector or target audience. Businesses that embed Spotify content on their web platforms might serve younger demographics or operate within music, entertainment, or creative industries. Understanding this can go a long way in tailoring a sales approach.

Lastly, this list can fuel efficient prospecting by highlighting active players in the web development market. By focusing on these businesses, sales teams mitigate the time and resources typically expended on casting wide nets for new leads. Instead, they're directed towards a self-selected pool of potential clients who have already demonstrated an interest in robust, interactive web features, signified by their use of Spotify Widgets.

In summary, this compilation of companies is an invaluable resource for sales teams. It enables precise, informed lead prospecting by pointing to businesses with a known propensity for web-technological exploration, potentially streamlining the sales process.

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