Companies using SiteMinder

SiteMinder is an appointment booking solution designed specifically for hotels. It provides a simple and efficient way for hotels to manage their online bookings, allowing guests to book rooms directly from the hotel's website. SiteMinder integrates with various online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDSs), and other booking channels to ensure that hotels can reach a wider audience. It also allows hotels to manage their rates and inventory in real-time across all channels, reducing overbookings and increasing revenue.

With SiteMinder, hotels can streamline their booking process, improve their online presence, and increase direct bookings. It also provides analytics and reporting tools that enable hotels to track their performance, monitor their occupancy rates, and gain insights into their guests' behavior. Overall, SiteMinder simplifies the booking process for both hotels and guests, making it an essential tool for hotels looking to optimize their online bookings.

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1,130 companies are currently using SiteMinder


Brathay Trust

expert facilitation that ..

112 Employees$43K - $4K$51K united kingdom..79%Export
Fort Worden Hospitality

in its epic natural setti..

21 Employees$32K - $20K$54K united states ..2%Export
Lock & Key Hotel, Bar and..

5 Employees$3K - $6K$98K united kingdom..15%Export
Nakoma Resort

on the grid…but happily a..

23 Employees$2K - $29K$91K united states ..39%Export
Cobble Beach Golf Resort ..

georgian bay's extraordin..

37 Employees$38K - $3K$93K canada6%Export

al servicio de la higiene..

33 Employees$13K - $31K$60K spain49%Export

an innovative lifestyle c..

46 Employees$13K - $29K$86K spain72%Export
Hidden Hills Villas

a new way of luxury

15 Employees$5K - $3K$64K indonesia29%Export
Urbanwood Hotels

we are local travel ambas..

5 Employees$44K - $7K$62K hong kong64%Export
The Motley Hotel

stay different

14 Employees$49K - $41K$56K australia40%Export
The Body Camp

a holistic lifestyle tran..

11 Employees$25K - $18K$57K united kingdom..
Miccosukee Casino & Resor..

located in the heart of t..

174 Employees$8K - $40K$63K united states ..48%Export
OXO Group Indonesia

oxo group is a boutique p..

20 Employees$17K - $21K$97K indonesia92%Export
WAYA à Domaine Saint Domi..

luxury adults only hotel ..

3 Employees$27K - $3K$59K france48%Export
China Fleet Country Club

we concentrate on every d..

83 Employees$36K - $36K$54K united kingdom..42%Export

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Using SiteMinder for finding leads

This list provides invaluable insights into the companies using SiteMinder, a popular appointment booking solution specifically tailored for hotel businesses. It presents individual businesses that have recognized the benefits of this technology and integrated it into their operations, contributing to their success.

For sales teams, this list is a strategic asset contributing to lead generation and conversion. By understanding which companies already rely on SiteMinder services, sales teams can assess potential markets, identify business niches, and craft tailored engagement strategies, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Moreover, these insights enable a deeper understanding of a target company's operations and their inherent needs. Recognizing their use of SiteMinder can facilitate personalized pitches and interactions, highlighting relevance and understanding of prospect's challenges and solutions they've employed.

In addition, sales teams can spot trends and patterns in the implementation of SiteMinder. For instance, if it's observed that the tool is prevalent in a certain geographical area or particular hotel category, this information can be leveraged to streamline lead generation.

Thus, by highlighting companies adopting SiteMinder, this list serves as a powerful roadmap for sales teams, outlining opportunities for engagement, potential lead sources, and valuable industry trends. It's a dynamic tool set to enhance lead prospecting and nurturing strategies, making it an essential asset for successful sales initiatives.

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