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Ruby Receptionists is a virtual answering service that operates out of Portland, Oregon. The service is specifically designed for small businesses and provides assistance in answering phone calls on behalf of their clients. Ruby Receptionists can handle a variety of tasks such as taking messages, transferring calls, scheduling appointments, and providing basic information about the client's business. The company prides itself on providing high-quality services to clients and has a team of receptionists who are trained to provide excellent customer service to callers. By outsourcing their phone answering needs to Ruby Receptionists, small businesses can free up time and resources that can be used for other important tasks.

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741 companies are currently using Ruby Receptionists


InnoVision Marketing Grou..

the anti-agency®

45 Employees$37K - $1K$96K united states ..29%Export

building poppin' brands a..

13 Employees$47K - $6K$79K united states ..95%Export

rethink fundraising with ..

14 Employees$45K - $23K$69K united states ..100%Export
Arlinghaus Plumbing, Heat..

people don't care how muc..

42 Employees$39K - $14K$74K united states ..81%Export

telarus is the number one..

474 Employees$7K - $17K$53K united states ..66%Export

your strategic talent par..

15 Employees$20K - $42K$58K united states ..18%Export
Mission Mobile Medical

purpose-driven people pro..

40 Employees$31K - $48K$99K united states ..53%Export
Summit Virtual CFO by And..

we're changing the way pe..

52 Employees$15K - $14K$100K united states ..63%Export
Elevation Ten Thousand

we take brands to new hei..

34 Employees$24K - $39K$53K united states ..31%Export
Barker and Sons Plumbing ..

we’re plumbers, not banke..

11 Employees$44K - $14K$99K united states ..17%Export
Applewood Plumbing Heatin..

proud to be named one of ..

67 Employees$1K - $34K$56K united states ..65%Export
VIDA Coworking

a coworking community des..

5 Employees$38K - $6K$66K united states ..75%Export
BRAYN Consulting LLC

empowering businesses thr..

50 Employees$14K - $29K$90K united states ..37%Export
Moskowitz LLP

a tax law firm

26 Employees$6K - $3K$59K united states ..86%Export
WTM Digital

we are wtm digital, a ful..

29 Employees$26K - $19K$76K united states ..35%Export

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Using Ruby Receptionists for finding leads

A meticulously curated list of companies utilizing the services of Ruby Receptionists can provide invaluable insights for sales teams looking to find leads. Ruby Receptionists, based in Portland, Oregon, is renowned for their comprehensive virtual answering services crafted specifically for small businesses.

The value of such a list is manifold. First and foremost, it can illuminate trends and patterns about the kind of businesses that find value in outsourcing receptionist tasks, information that can be used to segment and target potential customers with precision.

Moreover, the list can also act as a launchpad for digging deeper into the specific needs and operational modes of these businesses. Sales teams can gather insights on how these businesses make use of Ruby Receptionists' services, which will be instrumental in crafting persuasive sales pitches or in fine-tuning their product for market fit.

Furthermore, businesses included in the list are likely outsourcing at least some aspects of their customer handling tasks. This suggests an openness to external business solutions which sales teams can leverage by offering additional or complementing services.

The list also boasts potential for fostering partnerships. For instance, companies offering complementary services can identify potential partners and explore collaborative opportunities for combined offerings or bundle deals.

Lastly, companies already utilizing Ruby Receptionists are aware of the benefits of adopting technology into their operations, suggesting a proclivity for tech-enabled solutions. This is beneficial for sales teams offering innovative, technological products or services.

In conclusion, a list of companies using Ruby Receptionists provides a rich pool of potential leads, each with their own unique insight to offer. It empowers sales teams by providing them with unique insights, helping them target their efforts more effectively and efficiently. It's an excellent resource for prospecting, strategic planning, segmentation, and partnership initiatives.

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