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Remixd is a comprehensive platform specifically designed to empower podcast creators in crafting, hosting, and distributing their podcasts to listeners from all corners of the globe. It stands out among other platforms due to its wide array of practical features and tools, each of which is engineered to address key aspects of podcast production and dissemination.

The central aspect of Remixd is its hosting capability. This allows podcast producers to store their audio files on the platform and make them readily accessible to their audience. One benefit here is the elimination of the need for creators to use their own server resources for storage, which can result in significant cost savings and improved performance.

With Remixd, podcast creators gain access to varied analytics tools. These tools provide invaluable data about listener behavior and engagement. Understanding who is listening, when they listen, and their engagement level provides crucial insights that can guide content creation decisions. Crafted knowledge from data analytics can define more informed podcast strategies, helping creators to better match their audience's needs and interests.

Remixd also presents functionality for monetisation, another essential service for creators hoping to generate revenue from their work. While specifics may vary, such features often allow creators to monetise their podcasts either through direct listener support or advertising revenue. Incorporating revenue generation directly within the platform simplifies the process for creators and may also optimise the listener experience.

Finally, the Remixd platform extends its functionality to integrate with social media platforms. This feature grants creators an effortless means to promote their podcasts across popular social networks, thereby maximising their visibility and reach. It merges the podcast creation and promotional efforts into a singular, more streamlined process. By automating social media management, creators can allocate more of their valuable time and resources to content production.

In conclusion, Remixd is a complete solution for podcast creators, catering to their needs at every step of the production and distribution process. From hosting their content, to providing relevant analytics, to enabling various monetisation strategies, and featuring seamless social media integration, Remixd helps creators navigate the podcast landscape with efficiency and effectiveness.

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6 companies are currently using Remixd


Northern Nomadic Disabled..

an ngo that advocates for..

6 Employees$24K - $49K$88K kenya82%Export
Dept 7

1 Employees$38K - $5K$85K united states ..1%Export

14 Employees$34K - $21K$58K united states ..84%
A Drive For Life

- Employees$2K - $2K$81K united kingdom..53%
Baltimore Messenger

- Employees$31K - $33K$81K united states ..58%Export
Owings Mills Times

- Employees$19K - $35K$75K united states ..10%

Using Remixd for finding leads

The list of companies using Remixd is a tremendous resource for sales teams. It's a distilled directory of organizations that are already embracing modern digital tools for podcast creation, hosting, and distribution. Given Remixd's functionality and user base, these businesses are likely to be progressive, open to innovation, and responsive to products or services that could further optimize their podcasting operations or expand their digital footprint.

For a sales team, such a list is fertile ground for lead prospecting. It provides easy access to firms that understand the value of digital tools and promote creativity and audience engagement. These businesses are potential prospects for a variety of digital services, software, and consulting experiences, especially those geared towards enhancing podcast performance, content creation, social media outreach, and monetisation solutions.

Additionally, understanding that a company uses Remixd reveals useful insight into their likely needs or challenges. It helps in tailoring a compelling sales pitch that resonates with their goals, interests, or pain points. The list also enables sales teams to target their outreach efforts and avoid wasting resources on less promising leads.

However, it's paramount to approach these companies with solutions that align with their current digital practices, which are evidently progressive if they're on Remixd's platform. Innovative services and products, particularly for improving podcast efficiency and reach, analytics, or monetisation models, could be particularly appealing to these prospects.

In sum, a directory of companies utilizing the Remixd platform contains significant value in guiding lead identification, facilitating targeted outreach, and crafting effective sales strategies to engage potential customers.

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